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Che’ne Rouge is a TLC Featured Wedding Venue!

If there is one thing that Che’ne Rouge excels at, it is being in the spotlight! For this reason, we were chosen to be a featured venue on TLC’s hit show “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding!”

The episode aired last Sunday as a part of the newest season of the show. Check out the advertisement video clip for the new season online and try to pick out Che’ne Rouge! photo (12)The filming of the Gypsy wedding was crazy and never fell short on entertainment. The bride, Louann, walked down the aisle in typically Gypsy fashion, wearing a beaded white gown with a full tulle skirt. To see more Gypsy dresses, visit the “Dress Details” section of the show’s website and see the features of some of the most popular dresses from each season. You can also take a photo tour of Sondra Celli‘s shop! She is the most popular Gypsy dressmaker in America.

photo (14)


Our grand ballroom looked exquisite and featured Louann’s wedding day color, hot pink!

None of this TLC TV wedding magic could have come together without the help of some wonderful vendors and people! We would like to extend a very special thanks to the following businesses that made this Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding possible!

Featured Bride and Groom: Taylor and Alexandr

Che’ne Rouge is blessed with being able to work with the wonderful couples that schedule their weddings with us. One couple that truly deserves the wedding of their dreams is Taylor and Alexandr. They will be exchanging vows here at Che’ne Rouge on July 27th, 2013!

taylor2Taylor and Alexandr are the

The Perfect Songs for the Important Moments in Your Wedding Reception

2d124093a3e09cd02cee08d0ecef5ac9While your ceremony is organized around your vows, the reception hinges on your music choices. There are specific moments that your guests will expect a special song to play and will be all ears. These include the spotlight dances (bride and groom, father/ daughter, and mother/ son), the introduction of the bridal party, the cake cutting, the bouquet and garter toss. Finding the perfect song for each of these occasions can be a challenge. Below are some suggestions that always suit one of the important reception events to a tee!

The Bride and Groom’s First Dance:

  • At Last

Diamonds 101

Diamonds. Arguably the most important stone that you will ever wear, be presented, or pick out. They are truly remarkable because they are central to the symbol of marriage and fidelity at the heart of the engagement and wedding ring. Before proposing, men will spend days, weeks, even months or years, contemplating which type of diamond suits their budget and soon to be fiance best. Because of this pressure and importance, below is a 101 on diamonds including the 4 C’s and which shape would be best for you or your partner!

The 4 C’s. If anyone has even heard of diamonds then they have probably become acquainted with the shopping expression “the 4 C’s.” What are the 4 C’s though? The 4 C’s are the jewelry industries way of grading and categorizing diamonds for retail purchase. They stand for cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

All About “I Do!” and other tips for writing your vows

Alan and NatalieYour vows are the crucial part of your entire ceremony. They are what grounds your marriage and your new life as husband and wife. It is no wonder that so many couples struggle with decided whether or not to write their own vows or to follow along with traditional vows. If you are wanting to write your own or are at least considering it, here are some tips to help you along the way!

Tip 1: Look at Traditional Vows. When you decide that you want to write your own vows, start by reading over some traditional vows. These can come from your religion or you can even look to other religions to see what aspects are similar and what seems to stand out to you. You can incorporate these into the original words you write, or simply use them as a jumping-off point to base your personal vows from.

Tip 2: Remember Your Audience.

All About Veils!

Aside from the wedding ring, the veil is arguably the most symbolic accessory that a bride can wear during her wedding. Wearing a veil is a custom that exists in almost all cultures around the world and is also a symbol with many social and religious implications. Choosing a veil can dramatically transform the dress and the energy and look that a bride is hoping to achieve on her wedding day. There are many considerations that a bride should make when deciding on a veil. These include:

  • The formality and location of the ceremony
  • The bride’s features and facial structure
  • The bride’s height
  • The style of the gown and length of the train
  • The bride’s hairstyle or headpiece
  • The dimensions of the aisle
  • The projected weather or potential for the influence of wind

Now, the bride should consider what overall shape she wants for the veil. There are four possibilities, gathered, pouf, cage, or dropped. Gathered veils can be designed in any amount of fullness. The more gathers, the more volume and the more opaque the veil will look. However, too dense of a veil can photograph very poorly. Pouf veils are better for petite brides or brides with smaller features because the gathered veil can overwhelm them. On the other hand, gathered veils work well to off set heavier or fuller silhouetted brides. Pouf veils are ideal for blushers and can be worn with the blusher separate or attached. Cage veils are shorter and slightly gathered. They are very whimsical and are great for brides that need to cover their faces for religious purposes but don’t wish to wear long veils. These veils are simple in design and are also a great consideration for brides that wish to change from their longer ceremony veil into something shorter for the reception. Dropped veils are flat pieces of tulle that are literally placed on a bride’s head and then secured with hairpins or a comb. These can have great volume without the height and emphasize the bride’s

DIY Wedding and Reception Decor

Whether you are looking to add some homemade touches to your wedding because of budget or because you just love to craft, incorporating DIY pieces into your decor can really personalize your day and make your wedding more special and unique. There are so many different DIY projects that you can take on when decorating for your ceremony and reception. Some that are particularly popular are table numbers, centerpieces, and ceremony chair decorations.

Table numbers are small but have a very important role to play in your wedding. Every guest will see them because they will need to know which table is which when taking a seat or being called for the buffet. They are a great opportunity to bring in some small details or your personal style! For the elegant, simple bride, doing some sophisticated, lighted table numbers adorned with rhinestones might be a great option.


From the Bridal Collection by David Tutera:

  • Faceted Diamond Charms
  • Silver Wrap LED Lights
  • Bling on a Roll
  • Table Numbers
  • Table Number Stands
Other Items:
  • Glass bowl/jar (from the dollar store!)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


Hot Spring Scents: Finding your fragrance!

Finding the perfect fragrance can be a real struggle. You have to find one that suits your personality, style, and even the season. Plus, there are so many to choose from that narrowing down your search can be extremely difficult. This article will hope to make your quest much simpler and introduce you to the hot scents of 2013 and the Spring season.

Fragrance Essentials and Lingo:

Deciding on a fragrance is perhaps the most difficult beauty decision to make because you are investing a large amount of money into how you will smell and be presented to others. With that in mind, you need to know about the different categories of fragrances, the differences between an Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and body spray, and a little bit about skin chemistry.

First up,

Hot in 2013: Trash the Dress

fire_900_600So many people will tell you that your dress has to be special because you will only wear it once. While that is true, it is also sad to imagine devoting so much time, energy, thought, and money into a gown that will be worn for a couple of hours and then most likely hung up in a closet until your daughter may ask to see it. However, those few hours in the dress will be turned into photographs like you will frame and admire for the rest of your life.

playa_del_carmen_underwater_trash_the_dress3There is a new trend that is sweeping across brides everywhere:

At Home Beauty Tips and Tricks

Want to learn something exciting? Your kitchen pantry can double as a beauty supply closet! Not only is this convenient, but it also saves you a great deal of dollars at your favorite make up and beauty supply stores. Most of us cannot afford to go out to huge cosmetic retailers and pay marked up prices for setting powders, bronzers, moisturizing hair treatments,or so many other products! At home versions of name brand cosmetics and treatments don’t just cost less. They are going to be all natural, free from harsh chemicals, dyes, or fragrances that can normally irritate the skin. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies with make up, then you will really benefit from making some of these products from home. Here are some priceless and harmless DIY recipes and ingredients for making cosmetics and treatments from your own kitchen!

One specific ingredient to always have on hand is olive oil. While it can be delicious in a pasta dish, it also has great skin and hair benefits. As a moisturizer, olive oil penetrates deep into the skin and gives a long lasting shield of moisture to keep the skin smooth and supple. It works best when applied to damp skin because water can help reduce feelings of greasiness. The oil will take a little bit longer to be absorbed into the skin than most moisturizers so be prepared for that. The great thing about olive oil as a moisturizer though is that the lipids are too large to clog your pores so it will not cause any new breakouts! This is especially great since olive oil can also be used as an eye makeup remover. All it takes is a couple drops of oil onto a cotton pad and you are ready to go. The oil is able to easily attract and remove even the toughest water proof products and it does so without irritating the delicate, sensitive skin around the eye area. Overtime, the oil will soften this skin and even work to smooth out wrinkles. Olive oil isn’t just beneficial to skin. It has great impacts on your hair. When used properly, it can double as a deep conditioner and dandruff controller because it can moisturize the hair and scalp.