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Fall Public Relations and Business Managment Internship

Che’ne Rouge will be offering another internship opportunity this fall!

The Che

Wedding Party 101: Getting your bridal party to bond

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are in charge of making your wedding day as perfect as it can be. They throw your bachelor/bachelorette parties, calm your jitters, help you get ready, toast to your happiness, and rock out by your side all night. But bridesmaids and groomsmen also have to work together. As a cohesive team, they can be a powerful force, but if they

DIY Reception Table Numbers

If you decide to have a seating chart for your wedding reception, you will need to find a way to label each table, right? Although numbers are the classic choice, you don

The First Look: A romantic moment or ceremony spoiler?

There are always new ideas being brought into the traditional wedding ceremony. Going into your wedding day, every bride knows the first time seeing groom will be an experience of a lifetime. One of the more recent ideas for a wedding ceremony is a first look: an experience that happens before the walk down the isle. The first look can be a very intimate moment that only the bride and groom can experience. If photographers are around, then they will be able to capture the special moment with photos that can be cherished forever. These are some pros and cons to this first look:


  • It helps calm the butterflies before the big moment.
  • There can be great photo opportunities.
  • If you have an evening wedding, it is a great way to utilize the lighting while you still have it.
  • You can have it in a cute and memorable location.
  • You can go ahead and take the pictures of the two of you before the wedding, saving time for more photos and unique shots afterwards.

Wedding Traditions & Why They Are So Special

Weddings have been a tradition for thousands of years. Each one is as unique as the bride and groom that are coming together as one, but most have aspects that are similar. Most American weddings have at least a few of the traditional elements that make the big day. Where do these traditions that are passed from one wedding to another start? Why do we keep these customs going? Here are a few explanations from some of the most popular:

Puddle Duck Cottage: A Pinterest inspired store right here in Hiram!

A new trend in wedding decorations is taking the south by storm! Rustic signs with wedding messages and/or directions add a nice touch to an outdoor wedding. Lucky for us, we have a great local shop right here in Hiram! If you haven

Fantastic Wedding Favors For Your Guests!

The dress is purchased and the venue is set. The flowers are ordered, now what do I choose to give my guests? If you are planning to purchase party favors for your guests there is a large variety and the choices can seem overwhelming. If money is an issue, there are various locations where you and your groom can get the best deal.

Personalized Bottles of Water










Personalized Candles










Custom Printed Sunglasses











Bottle Openers










Wine Bottle Stopper










Personalized Playing Cards









Personalized Hershey

Some Great Gifts for Your Go-To Girls!

Your bridal party is a crucial component to your wedding. For without them, you just may go crazy trying to plan the entire event by yourself! So how do you show them just how much you appreciate all that they have done for you over the past couple of months? Below are some creative ideas on what to get the women that will be standing beside you on your big day.

Throwing the BEST Bachelorette Bash

The infamous bachelorette party, everyone has an idea as to what it should be like, but is the typical party as shown in movies really what all brides to be do? Below are a couple of fun, affordable ideas to suit bridal parties of all ages and personalities!

  • Glamping
    • Who says that all parties have to be at a downtown club scene? Get you and your bridal party out and one with nature as you all spend quality time together under the clear starry sky! If you go camping near a small town, you can still go out to dinner and for cocktails, but be able to end the night around a campfire roasting s

Taste of Che’ne Open House July 13th, 2013 from 6-8pm!


chene-rouge-cardTaste of Che’ne

Here at Che’ne Rouge, we always like to open our doors and welcome guests. We have the pleasure of being able to host several FREE open house events titled, A Taste of Che’ne. During these, we invite all newly engaged brides and their families and friends to attend and truly get a feel for what Che’ne Rouge is all about without any pressure of signing a contract

If you would like to take a look at West Atlanta’s premier wedding venue, then this is a MUST ATTEND event for any newly engaged bride who is searching for her perfect wedding venue and vendors. We invite our preferred in house vendors to be in attendance along with many outside vendors. This gives you the opportunity to meet with some of Atlanta’s finest tried and true wedding companies that can make your dream wedding a reality.

Come and experience the Che’ne Rouge difference at A Taste of Che’ne…We promise you will be educated on all things wedding and have a wonderful time!

Register Online Here

ParisMountainPhoto_GAILOur next Taste of Che’ne Event will be hosted