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Perfect (and Unexpected) Parent Dance Songs

2d124093a3e09cd02cee08d0ecef5ac9Trying to choose the perfect song(s) for your parent dance(s) can be particularly challenging. You want the song to allow you and your dance partner to both reminisce on your childhood and relationship but also still let you feel like an adult on your wedding day. Every parent-child relationship is different, therefore finding a song that can reflect them is a struggle. While there are many wonderful and traditional song choices, such as “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle, you may want to consider trying something different, unique, and especially unexpected!

Below is a comprehensive list (including links to YouTube videos) of some of the most unique (and tear-jerking) selections recommended by A Practical Wedding.

Featured Bride and Groom: Jennifer and Sean


Money, Money, Money

Deposit a Gift_Logo-Green Background3Some couples are already well established in a home before getting married. Some would simply rather pick all the household items out together instead of being gifted them by friends, family, and wedding guests. For these reasons and many others, couples may wish to ask for money in lieu of gifts from a registry. How can a couple go about this gracefully without sounding greedy?

The answer is simple. Register online at Deposit a Gift! Deposit a gift is an easy to use online fundraising website that allows users to register an occasion or event. They can design a profile, share the link via social media or hyperlink, and then start cashing in! Couples looking to receive money instead of gifts can easily and graciously ask guests, friends, and families to make deposits into their account. Some of the great features offered by Deposit a Gift include:

  • downloadKeep all the money that you raise or is gifted to you. There are no minimums!
  • Built-in credit card processor to make gifting easy and available 24/7
  • 100% online making sharing and social media interactions easy
  • Incredible customer service
  • Multilingual to reach all individuals
  • Free set up and no application necessary
  • Choose from over 150 profile designs, add pictures, logos, and receive a custom URL (great to put on your invitations!)
  • Free direct deposit allowing you to choose when you receive your money and making sure that your money is deposited safely

For information and FAQ’s, visit the Deposit a Gift website. Like Che’ne Rouge on Facebook for more great wedding ideas and alerts about new blogs!



The Honeymoon Trousseau

FijiFor centuries, the bridal trousseau has been a long standing tradition and something that almost all brides dream about when thinking about their weddings and honeymoons. Traditionally speaking, the trousseau is a symbol for your new life as a married woman. It is compromised of new clothing, lingerie, housewares, and of course, items for the honeymoon. In this post, I would like to focus on the “honeymoon” portion. Though now you will not go and fill a handcrafted cedar chest with your new items as was done in the Victorian era, you will need to pack a suitcase with new and special items for your honeymoon!

Though your honeymoon trousseau will be heavily influenced on your honeymoon destination, since majority of couples head towards the warmer weather of the beach, this sample trousseau will feature some beach necessities.

One item that is standard no matter where you decide to honeymoon is SEXY LINGERIE.

5 Fun Bridal Shower Games

When hosting or attending a bridal shower, one thing that is on every guests mind is, “What exactly are we going to do?” Gathering so many different personalities and ages can present a challenge when it comes to deciding on appropriate entertainment. While bridal shower games are not required for your particular event, they can definitely help break the ice with guests and let the time fly by in fun and cute ways! However, remember that most people will want to eat, drink, and chat, and not be strapped down to a strict schedule of mandatory games. Pick a few to sprinkle in throughout the shower and have prizes for the winners! People are more likely to take interest if there

It’s all about the shoes!

Even though your dress will most likely cover your feet, your wedding day shoes are very important. As most women understand, shoes are a signature fashion staple and should express their individual style, especially on wedding day. One thing to consider before truly shopping for your shoes is comfort. How important is comfort to you or are you able to spend the entire night in heels and be just fine? One thing to think about if you really want to wear heels at some point in your wedding (typically the ceremony) is to bring a change of shoes to put on after pictures are taken. These can be flip flops, flats, or sandals. You can even decorate a pair of cheap flip flops to look cute and match your wedding! Check out these great ideas and tutorials: click here!

Now, your wedding shoes should reflect who you are, the style of your day, and the formality you wish to achieve. Below are 4 different wedding shoe styles or ideas to consider when shopping!

heels1. Traditional Heels

When most people picture wedding shoes, they think of the white or ivory satin heels similar to what is picture to the left. These are a great, classic option and suit any dress style or formality. If your style is timeless and elegant, these will be a wonderful choice. They also make for very attractive photos. If comfort is a concern, consider bringing a spare pair of shoes to change in to for the reception so you can dance! Traditional wedding heels can be found at many different stores. Here is a list of places to start your shoe search:

flats2. Flats

Flats are growing in popularity because of the fact that they are comfortable and allow for easy movement all night. They are also great for taller brides that do not wish to add the additional height brought on by a heel but still seek elegance in their wedding shoe. Flats can be worn with all dress styles and in all levels of formality. They come in many styles, such as pointed or rounded toed, open toed, or sling back and can be found in many colors. Here is a list of stores where you can find cute wedding day flats:

sandal3. Sandals

Sandals are a great choice for more casual weddings or for more non-traditional brides. They bring an element of comfort as well as informality to any ceremony. They also tend to offer more unique styles and embellishments, making them ideal for eclectic brides. The flat sole will allow for easily mobility on the dance floor and throughout your wedding night. These are also a great option for taller brides that are looking to avoid additional height. Start shopping for sandals

Get Wedding Ready Arms in One Week!

Summer-arm-challengMost brides hit the gym before their wedding in order to look their best in their dress! However, they usually focus most of their attention on their legs and abs. What you may not have considered though is that these areas are not even exposed on wedding day. The arms, on the other hand will be seen or noticed in all dress styles. It is important to remember to tone and trim this area too. Here is a great 7 day workout to incorporate into your normal gym or routine or use as a great kick start to hitting the gym! After the week is over, you can still include these moves in your everyday workout.

You will need:

5 Unique Wedding Hairstyles

Trying to decide the right hairstyle for your wedding day can be just as much of a challenge as picking out your dress. There are so many considerations when it comes to hair. First off, you want to make sure the style will last and hold all night. No saggy curls or stringy styles are welcome at your wedding! Second, you want the style to compliment both your facial features and your overall wedding theme. Messy buns are whimsical and fresh but may not be the most appropriate for a highly formal occasion. Here are 5 incredible and unique hairstyles for you to consider when trying to decide on your do!

5daccc7d61de0aed9ce5a74504659b681. Tossled Waves

If you have longer hair that holds curl well, then you may want to think about trying a tossled wave style.