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Perfect Fall Color Schemes

It is now officially fall! That means we are approaching cooler weather, the changing of the leaves, and more importantly, the introduction of new fall colors. Not only do these color schemes work great for weddings, but you can incorporate them in your wardrobe, home decorations, crafts, or even your nail polish color.

200b14293e64a4999b0b6b48056e1754Eggplant and Mustard

While this may seem like a random combination, the opposite colors purple and yellow are actually quite striking together and makes for a wonderful contrast in photos!







Burgundy and Gold685a26fa082a6455da5b38c82ee7e450

These are the classic colors associated with fall because they are reflected in the changing colors of the leaves. Burgundy is a very versatile color because there are many shades offered. You can choose a deeper hue that is richer and darker or select something that is more closely related to crimson or red.





Magenta, Navy, and Gold8c282db2b351aecbe320b72eb2445ca2

As you can see, darker yellows are a consistent fall choice and are usually paired with a warmer color like purple, burgundy, or in this case, magenta! This color scheme is great for the funky and adventurous at height because it introduces something new to expected fall colors. Whether you want to use the magenta as an accent or as the main color, you will love this unique combination!




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Things To Do While On Your Honeymoon

The honeymoon is a unique and special time for you and your spouse to spend an extended amount of time with only each other without the interference of work, families, or responsibilities. For this reason, you should plan to share many memorable and exciting experiences together. After all, from this point on, you will most likely not get the chance to have a second or relived honeymoon! Here is a list of things to try or think about doing while on your honeymoon.

mask1. Do something

An Easy, Fun Fall Craft For All Occasions

There is no better way to welcome Fall than with new crafts! This project is super easy and would look great in home accents, wedding centerpieces / decorations, or gifts for neighbors or friends!

94d0e15a8a1813dbd187d9ae1765c0e2Dried Acorns for candles, accents, or fillers

Making your own dried acorns is super easy and very cheap. You can spend as much as $45 dollars in the stores buying acorns or fake ones for various projects but can make them for less than $7!

It is important to treat and dry the acorns before using them in vases or other projects because you want to make sure that they last through the season and are bug free.

You can pick as many acorns as you want or need from right outside in your yard. After picking, you will want to wash any dirt off them. This can be done in any household sink with the help of some water and old rags. Be sure to throw away any acorns that have bug holes or signs of rot. Don’t be discouraged if the acorn tops comes off throughout this process; they can be glued back on later.

Once washed, bake the acorns and any tops in the oven for 2-3 hours at 200 degrees. This makes sure anything inside is killed.

Let them cool completely before you start handling them. After they are cooled, hot glue the tops back on to the acorns.

To preserve the acorns and make them last longer, spray them with a can of clear acrylic spray. Spray them with an even coat on one side, let them dry for an hour, flip them over and spray the other side. Remember to spray at an angle to make sure you gets the sides of the acorns as well. Let them dry for another hour and them use them in whatever projects you’d like! We love the idea of filling a glass container with them and putting a votive candle in the middle (pictured to the left)! For more complete instructions and photos, click here.

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Unique Alternatives to a Unity Candle

When thinking of a special moment to share with your future spouse during the wedding ceremony, you will probably consider including a unity candle. While this is one of the most traditional ways to illustrate how two become one during a wedding, there are many modern alternatives to a unity candle that may appeal to you and your fiance.

The unity candle is a wonderful demonstration and does allow you and your partner to share a special, personal moment during the ceremony. However, the candle lighting can be short and if your ceremony is outside and it is remotely windy, the candles may have a difficult time staying lit. Below are great options that portray the same message of a unity candle.

2159f9ac78e32c9a2f9f44547a12c30fA Sand Ceremony

A sand ceremony means that, in place of a unity candle, the couple will pour sand from two separate containers into one bottle, shadow bow, or vase. The sand is generally in two different colors and the couple will then layer them together to show the mixing of the two previously separated entities. One great thing about choosing a sand ceremony is that there are many ways to display the sand after the ceremony. Use a shadow bow with a picture or monogram, an engraved bottle, or an antique vase and set it somewhere in your home as a keepsake.

c39ccdeb35799018853c2a689e386c36A Water Ceremony

This is very similar to the sand ceremony in that the couple will each pour from two separate bottles into one bottle or vase. However, instead of pouring sand, they will pour water. This water can be colored with food coloring or dye but does not have to be.






Plant a Tree

This is the most unique of the three mentioned. The couple will have one large pot in the center and two smaller pots on the side. The large center pot will house the tree already. When the time comes in the ceremony, each person will pour or place soil from their smaller pot into the larger pot until the plant or covered or they feel they are finished. The message still remains that the couple combines two separate things into one. However, in relation to the tree or even a flower, the couple symbolically establishes roots in each other much like the tree will grow in the soil they have just planted

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Signature Drinks That Stand Out

When planning your wedding and reception, one consideration that you will have is whether or not to serve alcohol during your reception and/or cocktail hour. You will most

Whimsical Wedding Day Signs

A big trend in wedding decorations is the use of whimsical signs. These can feature sweet phrases, poems, or Bible verses, as well as wedding dinner menus and a schedule of wedding day events. The signs are a super easy way to fill empty spaces around your reception hall, ceremony site, or outdoor areas and can be very informative to your guest. You can even have a great time making the signs homemade! Have a craft party with your bridesmaids and have each girl make a different sign. In one night you will have made a large amount of decorations and then you can all compare ideas and, of course, see whose is the best!

Below are some different examples of the types of signs that have been used in real weddings before. You can make or buy signs to look exactly like these or just use them as inspiration for your own unique ideas. The signs you make should express the formality, theme, and color scheme of your wedding but also embody who you and your groom are as a couple. No sense making a sign with a quote that neither of you identify with!

no sides“Choose a seat not a side”

Great Gifts to Give the Groomsmen

The bride and groom are not the only people who leave the wedding with some great gifts! It is a well established tradition that the bride will present each bridesmaid with a gift and the groom will do the same for his groomsmen. As most people know, men can be terribly difficult to shop for, especially when it is another man who is doing the shopping (sorry guys!). However, this blog is designed to ease your troubles by providing grooms with 4 thoughtful and special gift ideas when considering what to buy for their greatest guys!

gift21. A Watch

Watches are not only great for keeping tracking of time and making sure that the guys all arrive on time to your wedding, but they are also a great and practical accessory that can be worn on multiple occasions. When shopping for a men’s watch, try to choose a band that is thicker and neutral in color. Brown and black leathers are always a classic choice as well as silver. You do not have to break the budget on these either because they can be purchased from any department store for very reasonable prices. Take a look at the selection at some of these stores: Macy’s, Target, Kohl’s, & Belk

gift2. A Personalized Flask

This can be a very thoughtful and personal gift to your guys because it will be engraved or printed with their name or even a special nickname that you have for them. Give this to them the night of the bachelor party so they can enjoy its use then and before the wedding!


gift 33. A Personalized Pocket Knife

This would be the perfect gift if you are an outdoorsy crowd. They can have their own knife with their name or nickname engraved on it and it can serve as a keepsake for a very long time, even if it never gets used. Many can be purchased in sets of 3-10, allowing you to order them all at once and in turn, save money on shipping!


gift 14. A Box of Goodies

Make them a keepsake box filled with special items that are significant to you all or that would make for fun before the wedding. A great example of this can be seen in the photo to the right. The bow is filled with a mini bottle of Jack Daniels, a bow tie, and a cigar. You can fill your boxes with anything that you would like, however. If you and your guys do not drink, put their favorite soda or snack in instead!

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Get a Blemish Free Bridal Complexion

CR-79Every bride wants to look her best on wedding day and the best way to do that is to put your best face forward…literally! But how? Keeping a flawless complexion can be so challenging. Even on an every day skin regimen we can experience an unwanted break out, blemish, or have dry skin. Our friend, Mindy Renfroe, from Rodan & Fields Dermatologists has provided us with some information on her top selling products that will help you keep your skin looking fresh and flawless for your wedding day or any day! The best part is, she is offering a BIG special for all brides. The special ends October 1st and you must contact Mindy at