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Be the BEST Maid of Honor

As the bride-to-be

Make Gift-Opening at Your Bridal Shower FUN!

bridal-showerYour bridal showers will be filled with fun games, yummy food, and some of your favorite family and friends. If you have a large guest list, the amount of presents to open can seem overwhelming, and, unfortunately for some of your guests, a bit boring and long! Here’s how to make the process more enjoyable for the you and keep your guests entertained at the same time!

1. According to tradition,

How to Decorate Your New Master Bedroom

Thanks to one of our favorite sites, Entirely Eventful Day, we want to offer you some tips on how to decorate and create your own beautiful master bedroom retreat

7 Wedding Registry Do’s and Don’t’s for Every Couple

wedding-registry-tips-every-couple-should-knowYou’re engaged and you’re starting to think about some important wedding details. The registry may not seem like a huge deal at first, but it easily becomes one of the most stressful and memorable parts of your wedding experience. You and your fiance will be selecting items that you will use in your new home and life together. You want to make sure that you make the most of the registry experience. Here are some do’s and don’t’s to think about when registering for your wedding presents!

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7 Marriage Myths

During your engagement and into your marriage, friends, family, and strangers alike will offer you their advice and opinions about marriage. Some will tell you uplifting stories and others will share common marriage myths with you. Here are 7 common marriage myths and the actual truth behind them.

The first myth comes from a wonderful book about marriage,

What To Do After He Pops the Question

400x400_1354073579116-IMG0295Congratulations! The love of your life has popped the question and you have said “YES!”

Things To Do the Night Before Your Wedding

The night before your wedding is both exciting and nerve racking. It can be so easy to get caught up in all the stress of your upcoming wedding that you forget to take time for yourself and relax or forget last minute details. Below are some great ideas of things to do the night before your wedding. Try them out and let us know your favorite!

mask1. Do a face masque

The time building up between your engagement and wedding day can be filled with multiple full

Top Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

1044017_598641793503998_483267199_nChoosing a venue can be one of the most difficult decisions that you have to make over your entire wedding planning journey. It is where you will spend the majority of your budget, where your pictures will be taken, and most importantly, where you and your fiance will start your new lives together as husband and wife. The venue sets the tone for the amount of guests you will invite, the dress code of your wedding,

What to Wear for Your Engagement Shoot

While having an engagement photo session is not a necessary item to do before your wedding, they can certainly be fun and the pictures will turn out awesome! According to Apple Bride, there are three elements that you need to create the best engagement photos: 1. a good photographer, 2. a couple in love,and 3. stylish outfits! The third element may sound vain, but you will have these photos forever and will want to show them off. Dressing in some classic, favorite outfits that suit both of your styles and personalities is a must.

If you are still struggling to find the perfect photographer, Che’ne Rouge recommends Jesse Garrett Photography and Jennifer G. Mills. Both do gorgeous work that you can view on our website or on their websites and Facebook pages.

Now, to the clothes! There are so many different looks you can achieve in one day of photographing. You may even opt to change clothes mid-way through your session. Be sure to choose locations ahead of time so you can decide on outfits that compliment your surroundings. Here are some tips for choosing your engagement photo attire!