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10 Rules Men Should Know When Wearing/Buying a Suit

Buying and wearing suits may seem effortless for men, however, there is more that meets the eye! In order to look classy and polished, the suit must not only fit right, but accessories such as ties, shoes, and pocket squares must be carefully coordinated and considered. Here are 10 rules for men to follow when buying and wearing suits, whether it is for a wedding, work, or a special occasion.


Things You Must Know Before Buying Your Wedding Dress

Finding the perfect dress isn

Top 3 Websites for Inexpensive Wedding Decor

Being a wedding venue, we often ask all of our brides where they prefer to shop for their extra wedding decor that makes their wedding so uniquely beautiful without going over budget. While these 3 favorites are by no means the only websites out there for you to find your ceremony and reception decor, they are by far the most popular among our brides.


Koyal Wholesale is a fantastic resource when it comes to decor items!


Some of our favorite items to pick up from Koyal Wholesale include

10 Questions You MUST Ask Your Caterer

002Finding the right caterer is like finding the right pair of shoes. They need to be stylish, yet comfortable and supportive. And when it comes to the food on your wedding day, don

50 Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

50 Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

Sometimes men can be extremely difficult to buy for. Most men go ahead and buy what they want, leaving their leading ladies to guess what they want or need. This year, however, surprise your guy with one of these 50 Valentine Gift Ideas (courtesy of that will leave him speechless!


A Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day

With Valentine