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Great DIY Wedding Hair Ideas

Aside from you actual wedding day, there are numerous wedding related events that you will want to look your best for without breaking your budget. Between all the wedding showers, parties, and celebrations, hiring someone to style your hair for each event is impractical. Below are two Hollywood inspired hairstyles that are really simple to recreate on your own. All you need are a couple of tools and these easy instructions.

Side Bun

This is a great traditional style with a twist. It is great in photos from all angles.



  1. Start with dry hair and divide it into small sections about two fingers wide. Curl each section with a 1-2 inch barrel curling iron.
  2. Mist each curl with hair spray then run a paddle brush through your hair to break up the curls.
  3. Sweep your hair to the left and divide it into three sections. Twist the first two sections together and roll and pull into a lose bun. Wrap the last section around the bun and pin into place.
  4. Spritz with frizz control spray to get rid of flyaways and to give your hair extra hold for the evening. For extra style, add a headband or a couple ofdecorative bobby pins.

Imperfect Ponytail

Messy and imperfect hairstyles are HOT now. You don’t have to worry about lumps and bumps or your hair looking slightly messy because that is the trend.



  1. Apply a dollup of styling mousse on your palms and evenly spread it through towel-dried hair to both tame frizz and boost shine.
  2. For added volume, flip your hair upside down and spritz the roots of your hair with a texturizing spray.
  3. Loosely braid your hair and let it air-dry to create a very natural, wavy texture. Undo the braid and break up the waves by running your fingers through your hair. Gently tease the crown for height.
  4. Pull a section of hair from each side of your face to the back of your head. Allow one section of hair to overlap the other and secure it by pinning into place. Continue this all the way down the back until all of your hair is pinned into a ponytail shape. Pull out strands to frame your face for a soft, feminine look.
  5. Finish this messy look by misting a thin coast of hair spray in an even, all-around motion throughtout your hair to ensure that the style stays in place.


What to Wear to a Wedding

It’s that time of year again… No, I’m not talking about Spring and flowers. It’s WEDDING SEASON! Whether you or someone you know will be attending a wedding sometime soon, you all know that figuring out what to wear to a wedding can be very difficult. There are so many different types of ceremonies and levels of formality that finding an appropriate outfit can be tough. However, this just got much easier.

Choosing a

Make No Mistake When Choosing Your Cake

Selecting your wedding cake has so many different components. From shapes, size, fillings, toppers, flavors, and icing options, the entire process can be extremely overwhelming. No need to worry though! Here is a step-by-step guide to make the process fun and stress free.

1. Think about the style

There are no set guidelines for how your cake should or should not look. It can be as simple, traditional, or crazy as you want it to be. Some factors may influence the style of your cake; these may be your venue, the season you are getting married in, and, of course, your personal sense of style. The key point here is, it is important to have an idea of what look you are striving for in your cake before you meet with your cake baker.

2. Learn the cake lingo

Shape: refers to the literally shape of the cake tiers. Round is more traditional, square brings a more modern feel, and petal shapes are playful. You can even mix and match shapes in your tiers for something truly unique.

Frosting: this is the yummy, creamy stuff that separates your cake layers and goes all over the outside of the cake. It comes in many flavors with some of the most popular being buttercream (light, made from butter and sugar, easy to color, stays soft), and fondant (corn syrup, gelatin, shortening, and sugar, it is draped over the cake for a smooth finish, it is great for decorating).

Filling: these can enhance the flavor of your cake. Most cake bakers will offer fewer cake flavor options in the hopes that you will pair it with a filling. Fillings come in a variety of flavors from raspberry to Bavarian cream. If you decide to choose a filling, keep the season in mind. Heavier combinations such as chocolate cake with mocha filling are perfect for winter while lighter options such as sponge cake with fruit filling are more appropriate for warmer weather.

Decorations: these include all the extra details that make your cake gorgeous. There are endless options from fresh flowers, ribbon, lace, fondant flowers, patterns, ruffles, and so much more. Gum paste is commonly used to make fake flowers. Cornelli makes elaborate lace patterns. Pulled sugar is shiny, boiled sugar that is pulled to make fake flowers and bows.

3. Set your budget

Cakes range in price based on the flavor, filling, and frosting you choose. The more “fake” decorations you use (flowers and lace made from sugar, etc) add cost to your cake. If you want flowers, consider using real instead of fake to save baking costs.

4. Find a baker

Finding your cake baker should be handled with care. You want a top cake baker that is within your budget. Start your search online, read reviews, and ask around. Your venue may have a preferred cake baker that you can use or your caterer may know someone. At Che’ne Rouge, our most popular wedding package, La Grande Fare, includes your wedding cake already so the hassle of searching for a cake baker is taken care of.

5. Set up your cake tasting

Schedule your cake tasting and taste as many samples as you can. Your cake can be both beautiful and taste delicious. Feel free to stray from chocolate and vanilla when tasting your cake samples. Sometimes, bakers best cakes are ones that seem a little non-traditional to us.

6. Sign a contract

After you decide on your cake baker, sign a contract and pay your deposit. Make sure the small details are hammered out at this time like who will be baking your cake and how far in advance it will be made prior to your wedding day. The description of the cake you ordered should be detailed so you get exactly what you want. Also, check to make sure that they will be delivering your cake or will require someone to pick it up.

7. Choose your cake display

Your venue should have a special table in mind for your cake. Make sure that you find out what they will provide like a cake stand, cake cutting utensils, etc. Something that can be very important is the cake topper. You do not have to choose anything for the top but if you do, go ahead and decide at this time so it coordinates with your decor. Popular now are monograms, flowers, and the traditional bride and groom statues.

8. Enjoy on wedding day

Your cake has arrived, it has been cut, now it’s time to enjoy! Savor your slice. You put a lot of hard work into choosing each detail of your cake. Don’t forget to treasure the top tier. Save it in the freezer and then enjoy it on your first anniversary. Let your caterer know you will be saving it so they can wrap it up and store it in an air tight container. After a year in the freezer, though, your cake may not taste as good. Instead, enjoy it on your one month anniversary and then consider ordering a new cake for your one year anniversary in the same flavor as your wedding cake.

Wedding Invitation Trends for 2014

Many brides are looking for ways to personalize and assemble invitations themselves, whether it

DIY Baby’s Breath Ideas for Any Wedding

Baby’s breath as a featured flower in your wedding decor is perfect for all wedding themes and styles. Not only is it whimsical and easy to use, it is also one of the most affordable wedding flowers, making it perfect for any budget. Create an elegant and romantic ambiance for your wedding day by using a few sprigs or full bouquets! Baby’s breath is also one of the best flowers for preservation, so preserving the bride’s bouquet becomes super easy.When used in the right way, these flowers can easily add a classy and delicate touch to your wedding style whether you

Your Bridal Beauty Timeline

Every bride knows how important it is to look fresh and beautiful on her wedding day. Not only will you be seeing family friends, but you will be the focus of almost every photo taken. It is imperative that you begin your bridal beauty routine before the night before and morning of your wedding! Some aspects of your wedding look will take time and preparation. Here is a suggested Bridal Beauty Timeline for you to follow when planning your perfect wedding look.

5-6 Months Before Wedding Day

1. Begin your stress relief routine: Stress will not do anything positive for your body or mind so you want to make sure that you leave yourself some time during the week to take a break from wedding planning. It is so easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out when faced with budget decisions and compromises and all things wedding. Find an outlet that is relaxing and can let you think about other things besides your wedding. Yoga and/or bubble baths can be a great soothing activity for you to do at least once a week.

2. Experiment with your hairstyle:

5 Pinterest Accounts You MUST Follow When Planning Your Wedding

Pinterest has become one of the most utilized tools for new brides and wedding businesses. It seems like brides can plan their entire wedding on Pinterest, finding photos of their bouquet, cake, and even getting linked to blogs for DIY projects! With so many accounts at your fingertips, it can be overwhelming to know which ones you should follow to get the most relevant wedding information. Here are 5 Pinterest accounts that you MUST follow when planning your wedding!

1. Bridal Musings

Elizabeth Kane of

Bachelorette Party Idea: Scavenger Hunt!

outStill can’t think of something fun and exciting to do for your bachelorette party? Drop some hints to your maid of honor about doing a SCAVENGER HUNT!

Here is how it works: