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3 Things to DIY Instead of Buy for Your Wedding

Weddings are a time of fun and creativity. But, as all brides know, these come at a cost. Oftentimes buying your wedding decor already made is significantly more expensive than when you do it yourself. The advantages to DIY’ing your wedding are more than just saving money. By making some of your wedding decor, you are able to bring your wedding vision to life exactly how you want it. Here are 3 things to DIY instead of buy for your wedding.

Mason Jar and Twine Flower Holders1. Mason Jar Flower Holders

These are super cheap and super easy to make. All you need are enough mason jars to go on the ends of every other row of chairs down the aisle, some twine, water, and the flower(s) of your choice. Simply wrap and tie the twine around the top of the jar, creating a secure handle that you can hang on the chairs. Then, fill the jars with a little bit of water and put some of your favorite flowers inside. Baby’s breath, lavender, and small daisies all look great and provide a simple elegance to your aisle decor.

Lavender and Tulle Chairbacks2. Lavender and Tulle Chairbacks

Depending on your taste, you may want to add some extra pizzazz to your reception chairs. Renting chair sashes can get very expensive very quickly. Instead, buy several yards of tulle and wrap it around the chairbacks. Secure the tulle with a ribbon of your choice and then add a sprig of lavender in the tie for some added detail. You could add any flower to the knot or, for a more simple and elegant look, you can add no flower and leave the ribbon plain.

Framed Blackboard Wedding Program3. Framed Blackboard Wedding Program

Having individual programs printed for each guest for your wedding is costly. Also, you will almost always end up with extras and, sadly, most guests will throw the program away by the end of the night. Save yourself some money and make one large program to put on display for your guests to look at. Go to an antique store or second shop (like Goodwill) and purchase an inexpensive framed mirror. Paint over the mirrored glass with black chalkboard paint and then write out the program in a pretty script. After the wedding, you can erase the program and reuse the sign in your home as a decoration.

How to Pick Your Perfect Bouquet

With all the decisions that you have to make for your wedding, the bouquets that you and your bridesmaids carry can seem like just another choice to make. However, you want to make sure that you take time and consideration when choosing your flowers because they will become an integral feature in your wedding photos and will reflect both your personal taste and the aesthetic of your wedding. Here are some tips that will help you pick the perfect bouquet for your special day.

tt1. Find some inspiration photos

Almost every bride today has at least one Pinterest board for her wedding day. Pinterest is great because it gives you access to TONS of real wedding photos, including wedding bouquets. Find some photos of bouquets that you like and bring them to your florist to discuss how she can achieve that certain look while still staying within your budget. Visit Che’ne Rouge’s Pinterest account to see photos of gorgeous bouquets that have been created by our in-house florist, Gail, from A Perfect Wedding Floral Design.

576426_388854257831769_764633950_n2. Bring your bridesmaid dresses’ swatches

If you are not sure where to start in your search for the perfect flowers for your bouquets, bring a fabric swatch from the bridesmaid dresses to show your florist. They will know which flowers can be used that are either of the same or similar color or can point you in the direction of flowers that will compliment it.

3. Consider your dress

Is your dress an elaborate ball gown? A simple sheath? Or somewhere in the middle? Considering the shape, formality, and elegance of your dress will help point you in the direction of the right bouquet style. Your bouquet should ultimately be equal to the dress in levels of grandeur and sophistication.

il_340x270.425413528_oqzp4. Aim for flowers that are in season

Sticking with primarily local, in season flowers will not only save your florist time in finding them to put your bouquets together but will also save you money. These flowers will be the freshest possible and therefore last longer through the night. Talk to your florist or do an internet search to find out what flowers are blooming in the season of your wedding day and the geographic region of your wedding location.

5. Build your bouquet around your body type

Smaller brides will be easily overshadowed by massive, cascading bouquets. Larger bouquets allow fuller figured brides to project grace. Having a bouquet that is proportional to your figure will photograph better and make you appear more flattering. Also, make sure that the bouquet is not too heavy or cumbersome and hard to carry.

Unusual and Unique Ways to Propose

Making the decision to propose is not easy. Not only do you have to worry about finding the right ring and timing, but how you actually pop the question can be extremely nerve racking. Most girls already have an idea about how they want to be proposed too. This puts pressure on their significant others to live up to expectations. Here are several unusually unique and adorable ways to propose:

And for the literary. 1. Write a journal: Buy the journal pictured to the left or create your own special journal. Write out the reasons you want to be married, a poem, song, letter, whatever works best with your relationship and then let her read it. At the end, be prepared to pull out the ring!

And remember: You can always ask for a little help.2. Use a pet: Sometimes there is nothing more special than involving those closest to you in the proposal. For some this may be friends or family. For others, it is a furry friend! Put the ring on your pet’s collar, have them walk around with a sign, get creative!

With a baseball.3. Have a theme: Maybe you are the type of couple that really loves baseball or Harry Potter. Pick something from your mutual passions and put the ring in it for the proposal. You can hollow out the leather around the baseball and fit the ring inside (pictured left) or you can buy a snitch locket (pictured right) and make the proposal magical. These are just two suggestions; you can use an object from any of your shared favorites.

4. Soar to new heights: Consider buying tickets for the two of you to go on a plane ride over the city one night. Many small airports offer these sorts of adventures. While you are in the air, drop down on one knee and pop the question. This is a more adventurous proposal but it also symbolizes how being with each other makes you both feel that you are on top of the world!

5. Customize!: Does she have a favorite candy or ice cream? Many companies will custom make products with the question “Will you marry me?” on them so you can use them in your proposal. Ben & Jerry’s (pictured left) has done this and M&M’s allow you to custom order what you want the small candies to say!

Wedding Cake Flavor Ideas

31592_503154069719438_1813216052_nWhether you’re going to have a friend or family member create your wedding cake masterpiece or you are working with a cake baker, your

Tips for Including Pets in Your Wedding

If you or your family have a pet, then you know how pets can be an extremely important part of the family. In some cases, they can seem like additional children! If this is the type of relationship that you have with your or your family’s pet, then it is only natural that you would want to include them on your wedding day! If you

22 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

CR-79Finding the right photographer for your wedding is crucial. They will be in charge of capturing all of your special moments and preserving your memories. It is so important that you ask all the right questions when choosing the person that will take on this responsibility. Here are 22 questions that you must ask before booking!

  1. What is your preferred style of photography? Traditional, natural light, artistic, illustrative?
  2. How many weddings have you shot in your career?
  3. Will my wedding be your only event on my wedding day?
  4. Have you ever taken photos for a wedding at my venue?
  5. Do you work from a shot list? If the answer is yes, ask to see the list to see what photos they plan to take. If the answer is no, ask if you can provide a specific shot list for them.
  6. Can I request that certain images are taken at the wedding?
  7. How many hours are included in your package? Wedding photography usually starts about 2 hours before the ceremony and lasts until the bride and groom are sent off.
  8. How much does an additional hour of photography coverage cost?
  9. Do you bring a second photographer?
  10. How many images can I expect to see from my wedding? Photographers typically take anywhere from 1,200 to 1,500 photos at weddings. However, brides usually only see anywhere from 150 to 400 photos.
  11. Do you have a limit to the number of images you will edit? This answer should always be “no.”
  12. How long does it take before I get to see the proofs from my wedding?
  13. Do I receive a disc of images or do I have to order all of my photos through you?
  14. How much do prints cost?
  15. Is an album included in your packages?
  16. Will you use my images in any advertising?
  17. What do you wear when you come to weddings to shoot?
  18. Will you be the one to actually shoot my wedding or will it be a different photographer?
  19. What is your plan if you are ill or there is an emergency and you cannot photograph my wedding?
  20. How much is the deposit?
  21. When is the balance due?
  22. What is your cancellation policy?

DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

Coffee filter flowers are not only super easy to make, they are a fun, creative way to add some homemade elements to your wedding day or bridal shower decor. You can purchase a box of 250+ coffee filters for less than $2.00, making this craft perfect for any budget. You only need a few materials and the instructions below and you will have a fun afternoon of crafting at your fingertips!

Materials You Need:

  • Several coffee filters (each flower will use 6)
  • Food coloring and a few shallow bowls for dying
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Hot glue gun
  • Floral or masking tape
  • Stapler


The first step is to dye the coffee filters. Use the shallow bowls and fill then with water and then add the food coloring one drop at a time. Experiment with the colors. You can make them as dark or pastel as you like. Once you get the color the way that you want it, just dunk several of the coffee filters into the colored water and let them soak. You can dye more than one filter at a time, just make sure that the pile of filters soaks thoroughly. Once they are soaked to a color of your liking, squeeze the extra liquid out and separate the filters on a cooling rack. If you are not patient enough to let them air dry, you can put them in the microwave or in the oven on a low temperature to make them dry faster.

coffee-filter-flowersHere is an example. To get the peach tones, start with 2 cups of water and 1 drop of red food coloring. Then, add yellow and pink and experiment to get the exact color that you want. Mixing different tones and colors of filters in each flower will give a natural look.



Time to make the flowers!

  1. Take 3 filters and fold them into quarters. Cut scallops around the edges to add dimension. Repeat this with 3 more filters. Remember that each flower uses a total of 6.
  2. Stack all 6 of the filters in the order that you want the colors to show. Now, scrunch the bottom up as shown in the top left photo filters 1
  3. Take the pipe cleaner and staple it with about 1.5 inches poking up above the stapler. (see photo above)
  4. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the bottom of the flower to help stabilize it.
  5. Open up the flower as much as you can. It won’t lay flat but you’ll need to know where the center is.
  6. Take the top layer and scrunch it up tight, squeezing the bottom of your flower (see below).coffee filters 2
  7. Continue scrunching each layer one at a time.
  8. As shown in the bottom right photo, start wrapping the bottom of the flower with about 18 inches of floral tape. Tack with a bit of hot glue if you need it.
  9. Wrap the pipe cleaner about 2 inches down with the floral tape, just enough for stability.
  10. Choose your favorite flowers and make a bouquet by bundling them together.
  11. Take one of the pipe cleaners and wrap tightly going up the stems to hold the top of your bouquet.
  12. Now take another pipe cleaner and continue wrapping until you get to the bottom of your stems.

Coffee Filter Flower Tutorial by Easy Handmade Recipes


And DONE! Your flowers are created and you can continue making more beautiful bouquets!