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Top Wedding Guest Complaints

Every couple is always concerned with making their wedding day special for both them and their guests. However, trying to please everyone is a daunting task. Though the harsh reality is that you cannot ultimately guarantee the enjoyment or attendance of everyone on your guest list, there are many wedding faux pas that are easy to avoid when taking guests in to consideration. Below is a list of some of the most common complaints by wedding guests and tips about how to avoid them for your wedding.


Unique Unity Candle Idea

Many couples decide to have a unity candle as a part of their wedding ceremony. The unity candle allows the bride and groom to take two flames to light one candle as a symbol of their unity and oneness together. This is such a special wedding tradition and you would not think that it could get anymore symbolic than the joining of the two flames as one. However, Pink Zebra

Why You Should Book a Videographer for Your Wedding

While at first thought it may seem silly to have someone film your wedding, especially if you are on a tight budget, it can actually be a wedding essential. If you ask any couple after years of marriage if they would like to hear their vows spoken or relive their special dances, very few would actually say no. More immediately, though, having your wedding filmed will give you the opportunity to share your wonderful day with guests that could not make the trip or friends that would want to view the clips or entire video on Facebook. There are so many reasons to say “yes” to a videographer. Consider some of the ones below:

1. You will see all the details

Unfortunately, there will be parts of your wedding that you won’t get to see. If you are the bride, you will miss your bridal party processing down the aisle before you. If you are the groom, you miss out on guests finding their seats or the moment just before your bride steps up to the aisle. Having a videographer at your wedding will ensure that all of these moments are captured on film, filling in all the blanks!

2. Videos capture what photos can’t

Pictures are still images of actions. Video footage will capture the movement of your gown as you dance, the subtle changes in facial expressions at certain touching words. Also, the video will record all the wonderful words spoken during your vows, toasts, and special moments.

3. They are easy to share

Now with social media and smaller tech storage devices, sharing and playing your wedding video is easier than ever. Simply post a link to your favorite social media sites and all of your friends and family can view the magic of your wedding day. You can also easily store copies of your video on your computer, discs, or a USB drive, making watching the video accessible.

4. You get what you pay for

You may think that the video that your uncle or friend takes on their phone during the ceremony will be good enough to replace a videographer, but the quality and sound will not compare. By investing in a quality videographer to cover your wedding day, you are paying for their experience, expertise, and high-tech equipment and editing.

5. It’s a great keepsake

Your wedding video will be one you can enjoy forever. You’ll be able to remember as well as share with others for years and years to come. This is a way of being able to truly keep your wedding memories alive!

What’s New at Che’ne Rouge

With peak wedding season in full swing, we would like to share what is new at Che’ne Rouge for this year!

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