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Creating Your Perfect #HASHTAG

Creating a hashtag for your wedding is a wonderful way to help you compile all of the images shared on social media throughout the celebration. This will help everyone enjoy your big day while at the wedding venue and also be able to look back at all the memorable moments! There have been several hashtags created, some more brilliant than others. So how do you make sure that yours stands out? Below are some awesome tips!
• Start with your names. Maybe a bit obvious, but let’s start with the basics
• Get punny
• Add a “wedding word”
• Avoid easy misspellings
• Capitalize the first letter of each word
• Make it easy to remember
• Check the hashtag
• Be open for some trial and error
• Spread the word
• Don’t over think it!

In case you are still having a hard time coming up with ideas, there are several hashtag generator websites to help! Best wishes and happy hashtaging!!