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Why Wait to Send Your Invitations?


Most wedding experts will tell you to wait until 6-8 weeks before your wedding to send out your

wedding invitations.


Most Brides will do their research online, looking for the answers to their questions. Most online wedding experts will tell you to wait until about 6-8 weeks to send out your wedding invitations. The biggest reason is that the guest could possibly forget about sending back their RSVP or their plans can change. I would like to change your perspective on this, your guests will understand if you send out your invitations early. If your guests forget to send their RSVP back, it only takes a few seconds to send them a reminder. We recommend sending your invitations out a bit earlier, 8-10 week prior to your wedding day. There are more positives to sending them out early versus waiting.

                    * Your Out of town Guests will appreciate the time to make their travel plans

                    * You will be able to receive your RSVP’s Earlier

                    * You have time to reach out to those who have not sent their RSVP

                    * As regrets roll in you still have time to send out more invites 

                    * Less stress for the Bride and Groom.

                    * You have more time to budget if you have a higher guest count than expected.