5 Unique Wedding Hairstyles

Trying to decide the right hairstyle for your wedding day can be just as much of a challenge as picking out your dress. There are so many considerations when it comes to hair. First off, you want to make sure the style will last and hold all night. No saggy curls or stringy styles are welcome at your wedding! Second, you want the style to compliment both your facial features and your overall wedding theme. Messy buns are whimsical and fresh but may not be the most appropriate for a highly formal occasion. Here are 5 incredible and unique hairstyles for you to consider when trying to decide on your do!

5daccc7d61de0aed9ce5a74504659b681. Tossled Waves

If you have longer hair that holds curl well, then you may want to think about trying a tossled wave style.