The Price of Wedding Memories

Engagement ring, bridal gown, wedding venues oh my! This is a time to hear a plethora of congratulations and also to get ready for the ride of your life not only do you have to wear multiple hats such as a therapist, a hairstylist, a fashion co-coordinator you have to be the most important persona of all A BRIDE. Remember your wedding day is for YOU (your fiancé as well but mainly YOU)!!!!! In the world that is ruled by hashtags, selfies and purses that can be rented channel bags what does it take to make your day stand out from the rest? Could it be having a modern style wedding that Kim Kardashian had that could possibly set you back for three generations of your future children is worth being a “Celebrity Bride”.


Then I posed this question, what happens in 15 years when all of your guest are tending to their own personal lives? How do you think they will remember you, and are you doing your wedding to be a crowd pleaser? I am almost certain your guest would rather walk away from your wedding day ( let alone your wedding venue ) with an overall happy experience which is absolutely vital! People do not necessarily remember every detail of Kate Middleton’s wedding but what has everyone still talking about it since 2011 is the experience the world was able to have from sitting down in the audience at the actual event to being across the pond (British saying for being across the Atlantic Ocean) and watching the beauty unfold at three o’ clock in the morning with a bowl of popcorn.


My word to the wise for all of the soon to be brides is to focus on creating memorable moments. Here are a few ideas we came across on through pinterest. Hopefully these ideas will make your big day even more special and lifetime memory for all who attend.


Wishing all of the brides and soon to be wives happy planning and happy wedding venue hunting.





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Mini Desserts with Big Flavor!

As women, we all tend to count calories so much so that when someone even mentions the words” cake” or “dessert,” we run away in fear no matter how appetizing they sound. What if there were sweets that were small, yet savory, and did not totally bust our diets or pre-wedding workout routines?

Well, TK Cakeez, has done just this! Their desserts are bite sized wonders of bakery perfection that will satisfy your sweet tooth. With a wide variety of small desserts and delectables, TK Cakeez has mastered trapping enormous flavors in small portions. Perfect for parties, weddings, or just for fun, her small treats will be a hug crowd pleaser.

From cake pops to miniature cheesecakes topped with fruit, they do it all! Any flavor, design, color, or character that you could imagine is shrunken down and presented in a cute cup or on a small stick, making them perfect finger-food desserts.

Ready for a taste? Don’t hesistate! Be sure to contact Tiffaney Kemp at and visit their Facebook page today: