Valentine’s Day

Get ready to see a lot of RED this weekend as Valentine’s Day is Sunday, February 14th! From candy shaped hearts to stuffed teddy bears filling the stores, Valentine’s Day is a day set aside for couples to enjoy each other’s company and have a reason to celebrate being together! Valentine’s Day is also a day in which people decide to make an enduring commitment to each other. In the U.S. it is estimated that 6 million couples are likely to get engaged on February 14th! So, if you end up being one of those 6 million people CONGRATS!! Being engaged and planning a wedding can be very exciting, and a great time of happiness! Just know at times it may seem stressful and overwhelming but, if you surround yourself with the best people everything will be fabulous!

Here at Che’ne Rouge we will be thinking of all the love being shared this weekend and are excited for all the proposals to come! If you do find yourself changing your relationship status to “engaged” this weekend give us a call to share the good news! We would love to show you around our beautiful wedding venue and help plan your future of Happily Ever After together!

Also, if you were one of the couples who previously got engaged on this wonderful holiday in the past years Happy Proposalversary!!

Wedding Soundtrack

Music is a big part of most weddings; it helps make your perfect wedding venue come to life! Wedding songs are like a soundtrack. Individually, each may be beautiful, interesting or funny, and together they tell a story. Whether you want classic love songs, traditional instrumentals or a modern rock ballad, the songs you choose for your wedding and the order in which it is played will be as unique as your relationship. As a playlist, your wedding songs will set the mood on your big day and be the music that stirs up happy memories for the rest of your life. As Valentine’s Day is approaching listening to Romantic Love Songs can help create special moments that you’ll treasure. Then when the big day arrives you can look back and remember that one song that started it all!

Sensing your breathtaking wedding venue!

Sight is the most obvious sense, and on your wedding day looks are very important! Picking the perfect wedding venue is a must! It goes beyond just picking beautiful ideas to planning something that comes together as a whole. Choosing a venue that is naturally beautiful ensures a striking background to your big day and cuts down on overall decor!

Chances are pretty good that you have never planned a wedding before and you do not quite know what to do. Weddings are a fun, exciting world, but they are also challenging and a huge unknown. It is okay to seek knowledge and help when entering upon this unknown world. Che’ne Rouge has been an exceptional wedding venue since 2008 and would love to help create YOUR dream wedding!

Here at Che’ne Rouge, colors, textures, and stylistic details all come together to set the tone for a truly fabulous bash! We have customized our wedding packages so we do all the hard work and you don’t have to! We want your day to be all about YOU!

Come see us at the beautiful Che’ne Rouge in West Atlanta and leave your guests speechless with the beautiful sites of your perfect wedding venue!

The Price of Wedding Memories

Engagement ring, bridal gown, wedding venues oh my! This is a time to hear a plethora of congratulations and also to get ready for the ride of your life not only do you have to wear multiple hats such as a therapist, a hairstylist, a fashion co-coordinator you have to be the most important persona of all A BRIDE. Remember your wedding day is for YOU (your fiancé as well but mainly YOU)!!!!! In the world that is ruled by hashtags, selfies and purses that can be rented channel bags what does it take to make your day stand out from the rest? Could it be having a modern style wedding that Kim Kardashian had that could possibly set you back for three generations of your future children is worth being a “Celebrity Bride”.


Then I posed this question, what happens in 15 years when all of your guest are tending to their own personal lives? How do you think they will remember you, and are you doing your wedding to be a crowd pleaser? I am almost certain your guest would rather walk away from your wedding day ( let alone your wedding venue ) with an overall happy experience which is absolutely vital! People do not necessarily remember every detail of Kate Middleton’s wedding but what has everyone still talking about it since 2011 is the experience the world was able to have from sitting down in the audience at the actual event to being across the pond (British saying for being across the Atlantic Ocean) and watching the beauty unfold at three o’ clock in the morning with a bowl of popcorn.


My word to the wise for all of the soon to be brides is to focus on creating memorable moments. Here are a few ideas we came across on through pinterest. Hopefully these ideas will make your big day even more special and lifetime memory for all who attend.


Wishing all of the brides and soon to be wives happy planning and happy wedding venue hunting.





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