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Perfect Fall Color Schemes

It is now officially fall! That means we are approaching cooler weather, the changing of the leaves, and more importantly, the introduction of new fall colors. Not only do these color schemes work great for weddings, but you can incorporate them in your wardrobe, home decorations, crafts, or even your nail polish color.

200b14293e64a4999b0b6b48056e1754Eggplant and Mustard

While this may seem like a random combination, the opposite colors purple and yellow are actually quite striking together and makes for a wonderful contrast in photos!







Burgundy and Gold685a26fa082a6455da5b38c82ee7e450

These are the classic colors associated with fall because they are reflected in the changing colors of the leaves. Burgundy is a very versatile color because there are many shades offered. You can choose a deeper hue that is richer and darker or select something that is more closely related to crimson or red.





Magenta, Navy, and Gold8c282db2b351aecbe320b72eb2445ca2

As you can see, darker yellows are a consistent fall choice and are usually paired with a warmer color like purple, burgundy, or in this case, magenta! This color scheme is great for the funky and adventurous at height because it introduces something new to expected fall colors. Whether you want to use the magenta as an accent or as the main color, you will love this unique combination!




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Whimsical Wedding Day Signs

A big trend in wedding decorations is the use of whimsical signs. These can feature sweet phrases, poems, or Bible verses, as well as wedding dinner menus and a schedule of wedding day events. The signs are a super easy way to fill empty spaces around your reception hall, ceremony site, or outdoor areas and can be very informative to your guest. You can even have a great time making the signs homemade! Have a craft party with your bridesmaids and have each girl make a different sign. In one night you will have made a large amount of decorations and then you can all compare ideas and, of course, see whose is the best!

Below are some different examples of the types of signs that have been used in real weddings before. You can make or buy signs to look exactly like these or just use them as inspiration for your own unique ideas. The signs you make should express the formality, theme, and color scheme of your wedding but also embody who you and your groom are as a couple. No sense making a sign with a quote that neither of you identify with!

no sides“Choose a seat not a side”

Fall Public Relations and Business Managment Internship

Che’ne Rouge will be offering another internship opportunity this fall!

The Che

DIY Reception Table Numbers

If you decide to have a seating chart for your wedding reception, you will need to find a way to label each table, right? Although numbers are the classic choice, you don

The First Look: A romantic moment or ceremony spoiler?

There are always new ideas being brought into the traditional wedding ceremony. Going into your wedding day, every bride knows the first time seeing groom will be an experience of a lifetime. One of the more recent ideas for a wedding ceremony is a first look: an experience that happens before the walk down the isle. The first look can be a very intimate moment that only the bride and groom can experience. If photographers are around, then they will be able to capture the special moment with photos that can be cherished forever. These are some pros and cons to this first look:


  • It helps calm the butterflies before the big moment.
  • There can be great photo opportunities.
  • If you have an evening wedding, it is a great way to utilize the lighting while you still have it.
  • You can have it in a cute and memorable location.
  • You can go ahead and take the pictures of the two of you before the wedding, saving time for more photos and unique shots afterwards.

Taste of Che’ne Open House July 13th, 2013 from 6-8pm!


chene-rouge-cardTaste of Che’ne

Here at Che’ne Rouge, we always like to open our doors and welcome guests. We have the pleasure of being able to host several FREE open house events titled, A Taste of Che’ne. During these, we invite all newly engaged brides and their families and friends to attend and truly get a feel for what Che’ne Rouge is all about without any pressure of signing a contract

If you would like to take a look at West Atlanta’s premier wedding venue, then this is a MUST ATTEND event for any newly engaged bride who is searching for her perfect wedding venue and vendors. We invite our preferred in house vendors to be in attendance along with many outside vendors. This gives you the opportunity to meet with some of Atlanta’s finest tried and true wedding companies that can make your dream wedding a reality.

Come and experience the Che’ne Rouge difference at A Taste of Che’ne…We promise you will be educated on all things wedding and have a wonderful time!

Register Online Here

ParisMountainPhoto_GAILOur next Taste of Che’ne Event will be hosted

Getting Creative With Your Wedding Food!

Who says that you cannot play with your food? A recent trend occurring at weddings is the idea of a food bar in replacement of or in addition to a cocktail bar. With a designated theme, guests can create different food items that are good and deliciously fun for wedding guests of all ages to enjoy!

tkrco11fw_juliajacob15Make your food bar fun!

  • If you are having an outdoor wedding with a reception that is still occurring after dark, a great idea would be to have a s’mores bar. You can set out different candy bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers where guests can create their ideal after dinner treat.
  • A popcorn bar is another excellent snack idea. The popcorn can be placed in decorative baskets or bins in which guests can then take a bowl and scoop as much as they desire. Additional seasonings and spices can be optional for guests who want to play with different popcorn flavors.
  • If feasible, an ice cream sundae bar would be a fun dessert option for guests. By keeping the ice cream cold, a variety of toppings could be set out for guests with a super sweet tooth!
  • Dessert bars are excellent ideas for guests to munch on. The bar can consist of various cookies, brownies, and any other finger desserts that you as the bride want on there. To get even more creative you could provide milk, chocolate milk, and water to wash them all down.

tacobarMake dinner more casual

  • If you are stressing out about the meal provided at the wedding, perhaps consider using a food bar to make things less stressful and more fun for guests and you!
  • A taco bar is a great idea, guests can create their own meal so they will be happy with what they are eating, and it alleviates the stress on you because you only worry about how you are going to make your tacos delicious
  • Some other food bar ideas:
    • BBQ themed food bar
    • Pasta bar
    • Salad bar
    • Hamburgers and hotdogs
    • Deli sandwiches

Looking for a great venue to host your wonderful food ideas? Schedule your tour of Che’ne Rouge today and see what we can do to make your dream wedding become a reality!

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Che’ne Rouge is a TLC Featured Wedding Venue!

If there is one thing that Che’ne Rouge excels at, it is being in the spotlight! For this reason, we were chosen to be a featured venue on TLC’s hit show “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding!”

The episode aired last Sunday as a part of the newest season of the show. Check out the advertisement video clip for the new season online and try to pick out Che’ne Rouge! photo (12)The filming of the Gypsy wedding was crazy and never fell short on entertainment. The bride, Louann, walked down the aisle in typically Gypsy fashion, wearing a beaded white gown with a full tulle skirt. To see more Gypsy dresses, visit the “Dress Details” section of the show’s website and see the features of some of the most popular dresses from each season. You can also take a photo tour of Sondra Celli‘s shop! She is the most popular Gypsy dressmaker in America.

photo (14)


Our grand ballroom looked exquisite and featured Louann’s wedding day color, hot pink!

None of this TLC TV wedding magic could have come together without the help of some wonderful vendors and people! We would like to extend a very special thanks to the following businesses that made this Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding possible!

Hot Spring Scents: Finding your fragrance!

Finding the perfect fragrance can be a real struggle. You have to find one that suits your personality, style, and even the season. Plus, there are so many to choose from that narrowing down your search can be extremely difficult. This article will hope to make your quest much simpler and introduce you to the hot scents of 2013 and the Spring season.

Fragrance Essentials and Lingo:

Deciding on a fragrance is perhaps the most difficult beauty decision to make because you are investing a large amount of money into how you will smell and be presented to others. With that in mind, you need to know about the different categories of fragrances, the differences between an Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and body spray, and a little bit about skin chemistry.

First up,