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Why Wait to Send Your Invitations?


Most wedding experts will tell you to wait until 6-8 weeks before your wedding to send out your

wedding invitations.


Most Brides will do their research online, looking for the answers to their questions. Most online wedding experts will tell you to wait until about 6-8 weeks to send out your wedding invitations. The biggest reason is that the guest could possibly forget about sending back their RSVP or their plans can change. I would like to change your perspective on this, your guests will understand if you send out your invitations early. If your guests forget to send their RSVP back, it only takes a few seconds to send them a reminder. We recommend sending your invitations out a bit earlier, 8-10 week prior to your wedding day. There are more positives to sending them out early versus waiting.

                    * Your Out of town Guests will appreciate the time to make their travel plans

                    * You will be able to receive your RSVP’s Earlier

                    * You have time to reach out to those who have not sent their RSVP

                    * As regrets roll in you still have time to send out more invites 

                    * Less stress for the Bride and Groom.

                    * You have more time to budget if you have a higher guest count than expected.



Thank You Do’s & Don’ts!

Just a few weeks after sending out your invites, the RSVP’s will start to arrive… and so will the wedding presents! While checking your mailbox is about to get a lot more fun, you’ll also need to make sure to thank each and every guest for their generous gift (it’s an etiquette must). So, before you get to work, read on for the dos and don’ts you need to know.


Purchase thank you cards before your wedding. You’ll be so overcome with gratitude after your wedding that you’ll want to send thank you cards right away, so don’t put off buying them. If you want to include a wedding photo, determine the other elements of the cards as early as possible, then complete the order once you’ve gotten a few files from your photographer. In the meantime, make sure to buy some thank you notes to send for shower or engagement gifts.

Send thank you as gifts arrive. There’s no sense in waiting until you have dozens of presents to sort through. Start right now and you’ll be glad you did later.

Send them within a few weeks of your wedding. You may have heard that you have a year to send out thank you cards, but most etiquette experts say three months max. Once the wedding’s over, do your best to power through your thank you as quickly as possible. (But don’t stop sending thank you notes even if it takes you more than three months!)

Mention the specific gift and how you plan to use it. Guests want to know they’ve gifted you something you love and can use, so thank them for giving you cash towards your first home, or for the new Blender/Mixer you plan to use to make fresh meals.

Thank guests for attending. Whether a guest gave a gift or not, take the time to thank them for being a part of your wedding. If you’re writing to a bridesmaid or groomsman, thank them specifically for the things they did to help make your day perfect.


Be stodgy or formal in your note. Just because you’re following an etiquette rule by sending a thank you doesn’t mean you have to adopt an unnatural tone. Stick to conversational language that’s authentically you.

Mention any specific dollar amounts. While you should say thanks for the generous gift towards your honeymoon, or a gift card to Bed, Bath & Beyond, refrain from mentioning the amount given. It’s not necessary.

Send a digital thank you. Skip the emails, Facebook messages, and texts, and show your gratitude  the old-fashioned way with a handwritten note in the mail. You should also avoid sending pre-printed messages with just your signature — take the time to write out the whole note.

Spell your guests’ name wrong. Double check the spelling of each guest’s name. Then check them all again…

Be rude about the gift if you didn’t like it. Even if you received a tacky tea cozy or a strange looking serving dish, thank the guest for the gift and move on. Writing thank you notes is not an opportunity to be passive aggressive. And if you got a duplicate, don’t mention that you plan to return a gift. No one needs to know!

Wedding Venue & Wedding Dress

6 Things to Remember

Though wedding-dress shopping and fittings have built-in joy due to the circumstances, there are a few things that can make those moments go horribly awry.

  • The time of day you go try on the dress matters!
    Dedicate a full day to the search. It’s important that you try on your gown in good, bright, light, and also in lighting that is similar to the lighting for your wedding. If you’re getting married outside during the day, make sure to check out the dress near a window. If you’re getting married in a church with candlelight, try on the dress in dim lighting.
  • The friends and family you invite to help pick out your wedding gown can make or break the experience.
    Only invite people whose opinion you actually care about and value.
  • Don’t forget your undergarments.
    You should wear the undergarments that will be similar to those you’ll sport on your wedding day.
  • Bridal gowns are sized differently from normal clothing.
    This is an important fact to remember, as well as the fact that each designer’s sizing differs drastically from one another.
  • Comfort is important.
    Maybe you’ll be having a wild reception and are planning on dropping it like it’s hot? Practice those signature dance moves to make sure they are possible.
  • Crying is optional.
    Choosing a wedding dress is a totally different experience, some view it as a very emotional process, while others see it as an expression of their personal style. Not all brides cry when they find “the one.”

Wedding Venue Vendor Spotlight

Here at Che’ne Rouge we have a great list of “preferred vendors” that we include with our Grand Fare wedding package! Today we would like to focus on one of our preferred caterers at Che’ne Rouge, G&W Catering! They are dedicated to the special treatment of our clients. Established in 2000, they have grown into a successful business. They are known for great food and warm service with creative presentations. At Che’ne Rouge we understand that each wedding is unique and G&W Catering works hard to make your day special and your food tasty for everyone to enjoy! Check out the website G&W Catering

Wedding Season is the Best!

Spring marks the beginning of wedding season and is among the most popular times of the year for weddings and wedding venue affairs. This means more love, more commitment, more hope and more lovey dovey social media posts! No matter if you are having a wedding or attending a wedding, the venue will be a big part of the experience! At Che’ne Rouge we love wedding season and want to share eight reasons why wedding season is actually the best!


Weddings are a wonderful thing to be a part of! At Che’ne Rouge Wedding Venue we cherish every couple that chooses us to host their special day and are thrilled for wedding season!

Picture: Croft & Ewing Wedding 4-1-16

Creating Your Perfect #HASHTAG

Creating a hashtag for your wedding is a wonderful way to help you compile all of the images shared on social media throughout the celebration. This will help everyone enjoy your big day while at the wedding venue and also be able to look back at all the memorable moments! There have been several hashtags created, some more brilliant than others. So how do you make sure that yours stands out? Below are some awesome tips!
• Start with your names. Maybe a bit obvious, but let’s start with the basics
• Get punny
• Add a “wedding word”
• Avoid easy misspellings
• Capitalize the first letter of each word
• Make it easy to remember
• Check the hashtag
• Be open for some trial and error
• Spread the word
• Don’t over think it!

In case you are still having a hard time coming up with ideas, there are several hashtag generator websites to help! Best wishes and happy hashtaging!!

Highlight Your Maid Of Honor In An Accent Dress!

Your maid of honor is your BFFL! She’s the first to RSVP to all your crazy ideas, she’s totally down to run your first marathon with you and she’s planning on throwing you a bangin’ bachelorette party! So obviously, you want your favorite lady to stand out on the big day. There are a few different ways to allow her to be recognized just by adding or embellishing some extra color!

  • A Darker Shade: Keep it monochromatic, but still interesting, by having your MOH wear a darker shade of the same hue the bridesmaids are wearing. Even better: Have the best man wear a tie matching the maid of honor’s darker dress.
  • An Element of Surprise: Bridesmaids wearing white is all the rage right now, and what can we say? It’s unexpected, and we love it! But up the ante by giving your maid of honor a color that will pop against the white, like hot pink, for an extra dose of surprise.
  • Contrasting Hues: Highlight your maid of honor’s importance in the wedding by giving her a contrasting color to wear! This is also a fun way to play up a particular accent color in your wedding’s color palette!

Bride Lauren (Tyus) Carroll who got married at our lovely wedding venue this past October did a beautiful job of contrasting hues! Her MOH wore a bright yellow, which went along with her accent color, while the bridesmaids wore a bright blue. It created a lovely pop of color during the ceremony!

Valentine’s Day

Get ready to see a lot of RED this weekend as Valentine’s Day is Sunday, February 14th! From candy shaped hearts to stuffed teddy bears filling the stores, Valentine’s Day is a day set aside for couples to enjoy each other’s company and have a reason to celebrate being together! Valentine’s Day is also a day in which people decide to make an enduring commitment to each other. In the U.S. it is estimated that 6 million couples are likely to get engaged on February 14th! So, if you end up being one of those 6 million people CONGRATS!! Being engaged and planning a wedding can be very exciting, and a great time of happiness! Just know at times it may seem stressful and overwhelming but, if you surround yourself with the best people everything will be fabulous!

Here at Che’ne Rouge we will be thinking of all the love being shared this weekend and are excited for all the proposals to come! If you do find yourself changing your relationship status to “engaged” this weekend give us a call to share the good news! We would love to show you around our beautiful wedding venue and help plan your future of Happily Ever After together!

Also, if you were one of the couples who previously got engaged on this wonderful holiday in the past years, Happy Proposalversary!!

Wedding Soundtrack

Music is a big part of most weddings; it helps make your perfect wedding venue come to life! Wedding songs are like a soundtrack. Individually, each may be beautiful, interesting or funny, and together they tell a story. Whether you want classic love songs, traditional instrumentals or a modern rock ballad, the songs you choose for your wedding and the order in which it is played will be as unique as your relationship. As a playlist, your wedding songs will set the mood on your big day and be the music that stirs up happy memories for the rest of your life. As Valentine’s Day is approaching, listening to Romantic Love Songs can help create special moments that you’ll treasure. Then when the big day arrives you can look back and remember that one song that started it all!

Georgia Bachelor Party Ideas

Want something different than the typical bar scene for your last hurrah? Here are some adventurous and local ideas for your bachelor party no matter what season your wedding is in!


Skydive. It