Diamonds 101

Diamonds. Arguably the most important stone that you will ever wear, be presented, or pick out. They are truly remarkable because they are central to the symbol of marriage and fidelity at the heart of the engagement and wedding ring. Before proposing, men will spend days, weeks, even months or years, contemplating which type of diamond suits their budget and soon to be fiance best. Because of this pressure and importance, below is a 101 on diamonds including the 4 C’s and which shape would be best for you or your partner!

The 4 C’s. If anyone has even heard of diamonds then they have probably become acquainted with the shopping expression “the 4 C’s.” What are the 4 C’s though? The 4 C’s are the jewelry industries way of grading and categorizing diamonds for retail purchase. They stand for cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.