An Easy, Fun Fall Craft For All Occasions

There is no better way to welcome Fall than with new crafts! This project is super easy and would look great in home accents, wedding centerpieces / decorations, or gifts for neighbors or friends!

94d0e15a8a1813dbd187d9ae1765c0e2Dried Acorns for candles, accents, or fillers

Making your own dried acorns is super easy and very cheap. You can spend as much as $45 dollars in the stores buying acorns or fake ones for various projects but can make them for less than $7!

It is important to treat and dry the acorns before using them in vases or other projects because you want to make sure that they last through the season and are bug free.

You can pick as many acorns as you want or need from right outside in your yard. After picking, you will want to wash any dirt off them. This can be done in any household sink with the help of some water and old rags. Be sure to throw away any acorns that have bug holes or signs of rot. Don’t be discouraged if the acorn tops comes off throughout this process; they can be glued back on later.

Once washed, bake the acorns and any tops in the oven for 2-3 hours at 200 degrees. This makes sure anything inside is killed.

Let them cool completely before you start handling them. After they are cooled, hot glue the tops back on to the acorns.

To preserve the acorns and make them last longer, spray them with a can of clear acrylic spray. Spray them with an even coat on one side, let them dry for an hour, flip them over and spray the other side. Remember to spray at an angle to make sure you gets the sides of the acorns as well. Let them dry for another hour and them use them in whatever projects you’d like! We love the idea of filling a glass container with them and putting a votive candle in the middle (pictured to the left)! For more complete instructions and photos, click here.

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