Tips and Questions for hiring a DJ for your Wedding Venue

When touring a wedding venue, make sure and ask what DJ is included in the package they offer.  Take it a step further and ask what time frame the DJ will be there for your wedding.  Ask if you can have their contact information immediately. We have found that once someone has taken your deposit or paid in full. They are less likely to adhere to the contract and services offered. In other words be very clear with your DJ about what services are included. If you are hiring your DJ for your chosen wedding venue, make sure to meet and discuss your fees and options.  Ask if there are back up DJ’s in case something happens to your preferred one.

Some need to know questions for your DJ:

  • Does your fee include an outside ceremony?
  • Do you provide set up for an outside ceremony?
  • If we can’t think of music, will you help us?
  • Will you attend the Rehearsal?
  • Is there a extra fee for the Rehearsal?
  • Do you make all our announcements?
  • Are you licensed and insured?


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