Tips and Questions for hiring a Photographer for your Wedding Venue

The biggest issue for hiring a photographer at the wedding venue is what you consider most important for a wedding day. For instance, do you want your photographer to attend the rehearsal?  If so, how much does the photographer charge? Do want you want the photographer to arrive on the wedding day before you, to take detailed pictures of your décor and accessories.  Check with your wedding venue if you can arrive early, and if there is a fee if you do.

After your ceremony, check with your venue to see how much time is allowed for pictures.  If your photographer takes too much time your caterer will have no choice to serve the food that will eventually get dry and cold.

If your photographer has been to the wedding venue more than once, they are very aware of how to get the perfect shot.  He/she knows the best backdrops and day light versus night time photos.  We have found the vendors already included in a package helps you avoid mishaps and stress on wedding day.  Always meet with the vendors included in the package, never assume anything.


Some need to know questions for your Photographer:

  • Will you be the photographer at my wedding?
  • Do you charge extra for photographs at the ceremony?
  • Do you require a deposit?
  • Will it be more than 8 weeks for proofs?
  • Do we own the rights to our pictures?
  • Is there a fee for attending the rehearsal?


Next, we can talk about your wedding venue Florists and their services.