Getting Creative with Your Guestbook

While conventional guest books are still wildly popular among modern brides, there is a new trend that is sweeping through weddings everywhere. Brides are now trying to get creative with what guests sign as they come into the ceremony. Most of these cute and unique guestbooks can be used around the house, displayed as art, or just kept as a wonderful keepsake to look back on and remember your special day! Consider trying one of these great ideas as your ceremony comes around or suggest them to a friend or relative that is looking to put a new twist on tradition!

77665dbd1e3e0f3873d317dcee02a140The thumb print tree: Each guest will dip their thumb in ink and place it on a tree branch making a full and colorful tree that can work as a piece of art in the couple’s new home.








5617eee02c7e08f1b2da899a3cbb7981The Photo Booth: Each guest or couple will write a message or advice for the bride and groom and then take a photo holding the chalk board. The photos will be printed into a super cute album.







2321596f6e090f66e4820252ff999a71The Quilt: