Getting Creative With Your Wedding Food!

Who says that you cannot play with your food? A recent trend occurring at weddings is the idea of a food bar in replacement of or in addition to a cocktail bar. With a designated theme, guests can create different food items that are good and deliciously fun for wedding guests of all ages to enjoy!

tkrco11fw_juliajacob15Make your food bar fun!

  • If you are having an outdoor wedding with a reception that is still occurring after dark, a great idea would be to have a s’mores bar. You can set out different candy bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers where guests can create their ideal after dinner treat.
  • A popcorn bar is another excellent snack idea. The popcorn can be placed in decorative baskets or bins in which guests can then take a bowl and scoop as much as they desire. Additional seasonings and spices can be optional for guests who want to play with different popcorn flavors.
  • If feasible, an ice cream sundae bar would be a fun dessert option for guests. By keeping the ice cream cold, a variety of toppings could be set out for guests with a super sweet tooth!
  • Dessert bars are excellent ideas for guests to munch on. The bar can consist of various cookies, brownies, and any other finger desserts that you as the bride want on there. To get even more creative you could provide milk, chocolate milk, and water to wash them all down.

tacobarMake dinner more casual

  • If you are stressing out about the meal provided at the wedding, perhaps consider using a food bar to make things less stressful and more fun for guests and you!
  • A taco bar is a great idea, guests can create their own meal so they will be happy with what they are eating, and it alleviates the stress on you because you only worry about how you are going to make your tacos delicious
  • Some other food bar ideas:
    • BBQ themed food bar
    • Pasta bar
    • Salad bar
    • Hamburgers and hotdogs
    • Deli sandwiches

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