Great Gifts to Give the Groomsmen

The bride and groom are not the only people who leave the wedding with some great gifts! It is a well established tradition that the bride will present each bridesmaid with a gift and the groom will do the same for his groomsmen. As most people know, men can be terribly difficult to shop for, especially when it is another man who is doing the shopping (sorry guys!). However, this blog is designed to ease your troubles by providing grooms with 4 thoughtful and special gift ideas when considering what to buy for their greatest guys!

gift21. A Watch

Watches are not only great for keeping tracking of time and making sure that the guys all arrive on time to your wedding, but they are also a great and practical accessory that can be worn on multiple occasions. When shopping for a men’s watch, try to choose a band that is thicker and neutral in color. Brown and black leathers are always a classic choice as well as silver. You do not have to break the budget on these either because they can be purchased from any department store for very reasonable prices. Take a look at the selection at some of these stores: Macy’s, Target, Kohl’s, & Belk

gift2. A Personalized Flask

This can be a very thoughtful and personal gift to your guys because it will be engraved or printed with their name or even a special nickname that you have for them. Give this to them the night of the bachelor party so they can enjoy its use then and before the wedding!


gift 33. A Personalized Pocket Knife

This would be the perfect gift if you are an outdoorsy crowd. They can have their own knife with their name or nickname engraved on it and it can serve as a keepsake for a very long time, even if it never gets used. Many can be purchased in sets of 3-10, allowing you to order them all at once and in turn, save money on shipping!


gift 14. A Box of Goodies

Make them a keepsake box filled with special items that are significant to you all or that would make for fun before the wedding. A great example of this can be seen in the photo to the right. The bow is filled with a mini bottle of Jack Daniels, a bow tie, and a cigar. You can fill your boxes with anything that you would like, however. If you and your guys do not drink, put their favorite soda or snack in instead!

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