Having a Spectacular Send Off

Though the send off signals that the wedding party is coming to a close, it also provides the chance for couples to leave their wedding and start their new lives together in a special and memorable way. Guests line up in two lines leaving an aisle in between them for the newlyweds to exit through. Everyone spends this time cheering, smiling, and giving their final well wishes to the couple. Though not required, it is nice to have an upbeat song playing as the couple leaves. This helps set the tone of the send off! Tradition says that guests should throw rice on the couple as they leave. However, we would like to offer these alternatives to spice up the send off!

1044017_598641793503998_483267199_n1. Sparklers

As the guests are lining up outside for the send off, designate someone to pass out sparklers to each guest. Then, just before the newlyweds come outside, have all the sparklers lit (you will need to provide lighters) and have each guest hold them up to make the perfect archway for the couple to walk under. These pictures will looked spectacular because the light from the sparklers will illuminate the couple. Before ordering or purchasing, check with your venue to make sure they allow the use of sparklers.

il_570xN.403423471_bm3v2. Sprinkles

Sprinkles are very similar to rice in their size and shape. However, they are very colorful and come in so many different varieties that you can really choose some that are unique and coordinate perfectly with your wedding colors or theme. They are also very inexpensive and are not difficult to find. You can get the generic sundae sprinkles at your favorite grocery store, such as Walmart, Kroger, or Target. Or, if you are wanting something a little bit out there, just look online! You can order large quantities for reasonable prices. To make the send off even easier on you and your guests, pre-bag the sprinkles with a little note that lets them know to throw them at the send off. As with every send off, please make sure that your venue is okay with the use of sprinkles, whether indoors or outdoors.

sendoffbubblesredlotus3. Bubbles

What a cute and whimsical way to be welcomed into married life! Bubbles are so fun and are appropriate for all ages to use. Not only that, but it is pretty cheap to buy the smaller bottles in large quantities. You can even choose the bottle color to coordinate with your wedding! Plus, these can double as the guests’ wedding favors, saving you even more money. Bubbles are great for both day and night send offs because they can be captured by the camera in all lighting. Again, please make sure the use of bubbles is allowed by your venue before you make any purchases. Some venues may even have a bubble machine already installed! Che’ne Rouge does and it saves many couples so much time, money, and effort because we can handle the entire send off for them!

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