Highlight Your Maid Of Honor In An Accent Dress!

Your maid of honor is your BFFL! She’s the first to RSVP to all your crazy ideas, she’s totally down to run your first marathon with you and she’s planning on throwing you a bangin’ bachelorette party! So obviously, you want your favorite lady to stand out on the big day. There are a few different ways to allow her to be recognized just by adding or embellishing some extra color!

  • A Darker Shade: Keep it monochromatic, but still interesting, by having your MOH wear a darker shade of the same hue the bridesmaids are wearing. Even better: Have the best man wear a tie matching the maid of honor’s darker dress.
  • An Element of Surprise: Bridesmaids wearing white is all the rage right now, and what can we say? It’s unexpected, and we love it! But up the ante by giving your maid of honor a color that will pop against the white, like hot pink, for an extra dose of surprise.
  • Contrasting Hues: Highlight your maid of honor’s importance in the wedding by giving her a contrasting color to wear! This is also a fun way to play up a particular accent color in your wedding’s color palette!

Bride Lauren (Tyus) Carroll who got married at our lovely wedding venue this past October did a beautiful job of contrasting hues! Her MOH wore a bright yellow, which went along with her accent color, while the bridesmaids wore a bright blue. It created a lovely pop of color during the ceremony!