How to Have a (Healthy) Wedding Day Tan!

If there is one thing that most brides desire for the day of their wedding, it is a nice, glowing tan to make them more radiant. While having sun kissed skin can positively influence photos and the look of a bride’s complexion, there is also something to be said about a bride embracing her natural skin tone. It is not at all necessary to have tan skin to look fabulous on your wedding day. You want to be natural looking because these are photos that you will look at and pass on through multiple generations. However, for the bride that knows that fairer skin is not the kind of look she wants on her big day, read about these healthy tanning options so you can get that glow without doing much, if any, harm to your body.

The truth about tanning beds:

Tanning beds will definitely get you bronze for the big day. Most of them are reasonable priced too so it won’t break the bank and they seem to be located in almost every shopping center. If a bride is not a routine tanning bed user and is looking to only tan a few times before the wedding, then they may want to consider using a tanning bed. There are some ways to get the most out of your tanning bed experience, making your tan last longer and requiring less visits to the tanning salon. 1. Clean and exfoliate the skin BEFORE tanning. Doing so afterwards can result in an uneven tan. 2. Lotion, lotion, lotion! Tanning lotions can help to increase the longevity of a tan. Also, moisturize the skin regularly after tanning in order to maintain healthy, absorbent skin. 3. Always use goggles. It is extremely important to protect your eyes while in the beds. 4. Limit your trips to the tanning bed to 3 times for per week and allowing 48 hours between sessions. This makes sure that melanin levels in the skin are fully restored between each session. Learn more tips online