It’s all about the shoes!

Even though your dress will most likely cover your feet, your wedding day shoes are very important. As most women understand, shoes are a signature fashion staple and should express their individual style, especially on wedding day. One thing to consider before truly shopping for your shoes is comfort. How important is comfort to you or are you able to spend the entire night in heels and be just fine? One thing to think about if you really want to wear heels at some point in your wedding (typically the ceremony) is to bring a change of shoes to put on after pictures are taken. These can be flip flops, flats, or sandals. You can even decorate a pair of cheap flip flops to look cute and match your wedding! Check out these great ideas and tutorials: click here!

Now, your wedding shoes should reflect who you are, the style of your day, and the formality you wish to achieve. Below are 4 different wedding shoe styles or ideas to consider when shopping!

heels1. Traditional Heels

When most people picture wedding shoes, they think of the white or ivory satin heels similar to what is picture to the left. These are a great, classic option and suit any dress style or formality. If your style is timeless and elegant, these will be a wonderful choice. They also make for very attractive photos. If comfort is a concern, consider bringing a spare pair of shoes to change in to for the reception so you can dance! Traditional wedding heels can be found at many different stores. Here is a list of places to start your shoe search:

flats2. Flats

Flats are growing in popularity because of the fact that they are comfortable and allow for easy movement all night. They are also great for taller brides that do not wish to add the additional height brought on by a heel but still seek elegance in their wedding shoe. Flats can be worn with all dress styles and in all levels of formality. They come in many styles, such as pointed or rounded toed, open toed, or sling back and can be found in many colors. Here is a list of stores where you can find cute wedding day flats:

sandal3. Sandals

Sandals are a great choice for more casual weddings or for more non-traditional brides. They bring an element of comfort as well as informality to any ceremony. They also tend to offer more unique styles and embellishments, making them ideal for eclectic brides. The flat sole will allow for easily mobility on the dance floor and throughout your wedding night. These are also a great option for taller brides that are looking to avoid additional height. Start shopping for sandals