Money, Money, Money

Deposit a Gift_Logo-Green Background3Some couples are already well established in a home before getting married. Some would simply rather pick all the household items out together instead of being gifted them by friends, family, and wedding guests. For these reasons and many others, couples may wish to ask for money in lieu of gifts from a registry. How can a couple go about this gracefully without sounding greedy?

The answer is simple. Register online at Deposit a Gift! Deposit a gift is an easy to use online fundraising website that allows users to register an occasion or event. They can design a profile, share the link via social media or hyperlink, and then start cashing in! Couples looking to receive money instead of gifts can easily and graciously ask guests, friends, and families to make deposits into their account. Some of the great features offered by Deposit a Gift include:

  • downloadKeep all the money that you raise or is gifted to you. There are no minimums!
  • Built-in credit card processor to make gifting easy and available 24/7
  • 100% online making sharing and social media interactions easy
  • Incredible customer service
  • Multilingual to reach all individuals
  • Free set up and no application necessary
  • Choose from over 150 profile designs, add pictures, logos, and receive a custom URL (great to put on your invitations!)
  • Free direct deposit allowing you to choose when you receive your money and making sure that your money is deposited safely

For information and FAQ’s, visit the Deposit a Gift website. Like Che’ne Rouge on Facebook for more great wedding ideas and alerts about new blogs!