The First Look: A romantic moment or ceremony spoiler?

There are always new ideas being brought into the traditional wedding ceremony. Going into your wedding day, every bride knows the first time seeing groom will be an experience of a lifetime. One of the more recent ideas for a wedding ceremony is a first look: an experience that happens before the walk down the isle. The first look can be a very intimate moment that only the bride and groom can experience. If photographers are around, then they will be able to capture the special moment with photos that can be cherished forever. These are some pros and cons to this first look:


  • It helps calm the butterflies before the big moment.
  • There can be great photo opportunities.
  • If you have an evening wedding, it is a great way to utilize the lighting while you still have it.
  • You can have it in a cute and memorable location.
  • You can go ahead and take the pictures of the two of you before the wedding, saving time for more photos and unique shots afterwards.