The Truth About What’s Underneath Your Gown

While only gown shows on your wedding day, what you wear underneath can make or break it’s appearance. Appropriate undergarments are crucial for your wedding day and even the honeymoon!

Some gowns are designed to be backless, corset bodices, or so figure forming that any little seam underneath would be visible to the naked eye. Since your undergarments will be instrumental to the fit of the gown, make sure that you go to your fittings with the undergarments that you will wear on wedding day. While sexy pieces are alluring to most brides, they are often not the most practical when it comes to fit issues. The best type of undergarments are smooth and plain with minimal ornamentation and maximum support. Try to select a nude shade to make sure that transparency and showing through the dress will not be an issue.

There are three main types of undergarments to think about when purchasing for your wedding. The first is the bra. The wedding bra is different than a typical bra because it concerns itself with your entire midsection. These are often corsets or shapewear, like Spanx. If you are worried about the lack of support from a strapless bra, then consider this when purchasing your gown and make sure that normal bra straps would be concealed by the neckline of the dress. If your gown already has a supportive, boned bodice, try to avoid wearing a boned corset bra underneath because it will only add inches to your waist. Try to find bras that have minimal seams so they will create smooths lines underneath the gown. Also, it is always a good idea to bring an extra, back up bra in case something happens to the original one.

The second undergarment to consider is the slip. A slip is a sheer piece of synthetic fabric that provides a nice layer between your skin and the gown and will help the gown skim the body and flow nicely rather than stick to you. When choosing a slip, try to find one with a bit of elastic woven in and always purchase one size larger than your normal size to make sure it will not be too snug or ride up. Your slip should have a silhouette and neckline that almost exactly mirrors the cut of your dress. The slip can feel very ethereal especially when chosen in a shade of white or ivory similar to the lining of the gown.

The last undergarment consideration is the petticoat. This is worn for full skirts and grand ballgowns. The structure of the petticoat will be fundamental to the shape and support of the gown. Most high quality gowns will have a petticoat built into the design but additional ones can be purchased for further emphasis. The danger here is that an additional petticoat will shorten the hem while adding volume. You must take this into consideration while at your fittings.

Once you have all of the undergarments for your gown figured out, you can start to think about what you should include in your honeymoon trousseau. Most brides will have a lingerie shower thrown for them and will receive lots of wonderful pieces that you may like. The trousseau is simply a wardrobe that you will select for the wedding night and honeymoon. The implication behind the trousseau is new clothes for a new life. Before you begin shopping and selecting these signature staples for your closet, you must first consider the destination of your honeymoon so you can choose appropriate pieces for the trip that are also versatile in your home closet. The most exciting part about the trousseau, however, is the new lingerie. Trying to select garments that fit the mood of the honeymoon and also suit your personality can be a challenge but is a fun adventure to embark on during your lingerie shower and afterwards while shopping with close family and friends.

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