Tips and Advice: How to have the best outdoor wedding!

Getting married at Che’ne Rouge or considering an outdoor ceremony? These are some tips that every bride should know about when planning an outside wedding. So much goes in to thinking about every detail of the day of the wedding. What will the weather be like? Will my guests be comfortable outside? There are so many great ways to make sure that each guest attending your outside celebration is comfortable and pleased no matter what the conditions.

GalleryBe sure to continually check the weather forecast starting about a week out from the wedding date. This can drastically change the schedule of your ceremony. If it looks like rain, make sure to communicate with your venue about a back up plan. At Che’ne Rouge, we account for such minor set backs by opening up the reception hall for your ceremony.

ContactThinking that there may be bugs outside? Set up a small table that guests will pass when entering into the ceremony garden and place baskets on top. In one of the baskets, include little bottles of unscented insect repellent that guests can use in the event that the bugs decide to attend your wedding as well. If you want to keep the chemicals away from you and feel like making something from scratch, Offbeat Home has a fantastic recipe that can be easily mixed and has a fresh, natural scent that won’t bother any guest. If you are expecting sunny skies, you could fill another basket with sunscreen wipes or individual sunscreen lotion packets.

Sometimes though, guests may need more than protection from the elements. It may be useful to set up a refreshment table with cold water or beverages that guests could have access to before the ceremony. This would be especially wonderful in those hot summer months. Another great way to ward off the heat would be to print your wedding program on thicker paper,