Unique Alternatives to a Unity Candle

When thinking of a special moment to share with your future spouse during the wedding ceremony, you will probably consider including a unity candle. While this is one of the most traditional ways to illustrate how two become one during a wedding, there are many modern alternatives to a unity candle that may appeal to you and your fiance.

The unity candle is a wonderful demonstration and does allow you and your partner to share a special, personal moment during the ceremony. However, the candle lighting can be short and if your ceremony is outside and it is remotely windy, the candles may have a difficult time staying lit. Below are great options that portray the same message of a unity candle.

2159f9ac78e32c9a2f9f44547a12c30fA Sand Ceremony

A sand ceremony means that, in place of a unity candle, the couple will pour sand from two separate containers into one bottle, shadow bow, or vase. The sand is generally in two different colors and the couple will then layer them together to show the mixing of the two previously separated entities. One great thing about choosing a sand ceremony is that there are many ways to display the sand after the ceremony. Use a shadow bow with a picture or monogram, an engraved bottle, or an antique vase and set it somewhere in your home as a keepsake.

c39ccdeb35799018853c2a689e386c36A Water Ceremony

This is very similar to the sand ceremony in that the couple will each pour from two separate bottles into one bottle or vase. However, instead of pouring sand, they will pour water. This water can be colored with food coloring or dye but does not have to be.






Plant a Tree

This is the most unique of the three mentioned. The couple will have one large pot in the center and two smaller pots on the side. The large center pot will house the tree already. When the time comes in the ceremony, each person will pour or place soil from their smaller pot into the larger pot until the plant or covered or they feel they are finished. The message still remains that the couple combines two separate things into one. However, in relation to the tree or even a flower, the couple symbolically establishes roots in each other much like the tree will grow in the soil they have just planted

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