Unusual and Unique Ways to Propose

Making the decision to propose is not easy. Not only do you have to worry about finding the right ring and timing, but how you actually pop the question can be extremely nerve racking. Most girls already have an idea about how they want to be proposed too. This puts pressure on their significant others to live up to expectations. Here are several unusually unique and adorable ways to propose:

And for the literary. 1. Write a journal: Buy the journal pictured to the left or create your own special journal. Write out the reasons you want to be married, a poem, song, letter, whatever works best with your relationship and then let her read it. At the end, be prepared to pull out the ring!

And remember: You can always ask for a little help.2. Use a pet: Sometimes there is nothing more special than involving those closest to you in the proposal. For some this may be friends or family. For others, it is a furry friend! Put the ring on your pet’s collar, have them walk around with a sign, get creative!

With a baseball.3. Have a theme: Maybe you are the type of couple that really loves baseball or Harry Potter. Pick something from your mutual passions and put the ring in it for the proposal. You can hollow out the leather around the baseball and fit the ring inside (pictured left) or you can buy a snitch locket (pictured right) and make the proposal magical. These are just two suggestions; you can use an object from any of your shared favorites.

4. Soar to new heights: Consider buying tickets for the two of you to go on a plane ride over the city one night. Many small airports offer these sorts of adventures. While you are in the air, drop down on one knee and pop the question. This is a more adventurous proposal but it also symbolizes how being with each other makes you both feel that you are on top of the world!

5. Customize!: Does she have a favorite candy or ice cream? Many companies will custom make products with the question “Will you marry me?” on them so you can use them in your proposal. Ben & Jerry’s (pictured left) has done this and M&M’s allow you to custom order what you want the small candies to say!