Valentine’s Day

Get ready to see a lot of RED this weekend as Valentine’s Day is Sunday, February 14th! From candy shaped hearts to stuffed teddy bears filling the stores, Valentine’s Day is a day set aside for couples to enjoy each other’s company and have a reason to celebrate being together! Valentine’s Day is also a day in which people decide to make an enduring commitment to each other. In the U.S. it is estimated that 6 million couples are likely to get engaged on February 14th! So, if you end up being one of those 6 million people CONGRATS!! Being engaged and planning a wedding can be very exciting, and a great time of happiness! Just know at times it may seem stressful and overwhelming but, if you surround yourself with the best people everything will be fabulous!

Here at Che’ne Rouge we will be thinking of all the love being shared this weekend and are excited for all the proposals to come! If you do find yourself changing your relationship status to “engaged” this weekend give us a call to share the good news! We would love to show you around our beautiful wedding venue and help plan your future of Happily Ever After together!

Also, if you were one of the couples who previously got engaged on this wonderful holiday in the past years, Happy Proposalversary!!