Your Bridal Beauty Timeline

Every bride knows how important it is to look fresh and beautiful on her wedding day. Not only will you be seeing family friends, but you will be the focus of almost every photo taken. It is imperative that you begin your bridal beauty routine before the night before and morning of your wedding! Some aspects of your wedding look will take time and preparation. Here is a suggested Bridal Beauty Timeline for you to follow when planning your perfect wedding look.

5-6 Months Before Wedding Day

1. Begin your stress relief routine: Stress will not do anything positive for your body or mind so you want to make sure that you leave yourself some time during the week to take a break from wedding planning. It is so easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out when faced with budget decisions and compromises and all things wedding. Find an outlet that is relaxing and can let you think about other things besides your wedding. Yoga and/or bubble baths can be a great soothing activity for you to do at least once a week.

2. Experiment with your hairstyle: